Does weight loss and winning the lottery change people?

“Oh they’ve changed.”

You typically hear this when someone has won the lottery, come into an inheritance or lost a lot of weight.

And granted, some people go off the deep end when these things happen. Marriages have ended in divorce because one spouse’s weight loss reveals the person they always were but is unrecognizable to the surviving spouse.

People who come into a lot of money sometimes adopt dangerous or deadly lifestyles.

But the money and thinner body frame didn’t change them. They were just finally free to be who they truly were.

You just couldn’t see it because of the mask of poverty and extra weight.

Who they truly were was hidden.

Deep down they were happy, confident, ambitious, world travelers, creative, spontaneous, givers, thinkers, and yes even flirtatious.

The people you see post the weight loss and big financial win fall were finally free to be their true selves.  Their minds told them they had to have all their ducks in a row first before they could live this way.

Because how dare you be overweight and confident and bold?

How dare you have such limited financial resources and still have the nerve to give?

Today I challenge you to be who you truly are underneath the extra weight and seemingly limited financial resources.

Live your core.

Live out loud.

Be who the Father designed you and created you to be despite temporary circumstances.

Don’t wait for the weight to fall off or for that rich uncle to die (no disrespect to any rich uncles who maybe reading this post).

You have the power to be who God says you are right here and right now.

You’ll be amazed at what happens when you live your life from the inside out…when you dare to walk in the abundance He promised.

Don’t wait. Do like Bonnie Rait says and really give them something to talk about.

What happened to her?

Girl I don’t know.

She’s changed.


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