Does your business need a mobile app?

mobile appSince the smartphones and tablets have made  an inevitable space in our lives, every business owner is looking to have a mobile app. But think before you invest in such an expensive service. What kind of business you have, if you have a service based business where you are trying to provide the information to your customers that can be easily provided by website then just make your website mobile compatible. As the co-founder of mobile app consulting, I still don’t see any value in creating an app just to let your customers  dial directly from your business app. This can easily be done through their contact list or from your website.

It makes sense to create app if the app is going to do something more than the website. For example tour guides can create an app to provide audio guide for the tour stops with geo triggered audio. This is the feature that websites are not capable of providing and customers are not going to carry their laptops or computers while visiting a place.

Once you do decide to get into the app business think about the costs. If you want to create an app for the most popular mobile platforms such as Apple and Android or you also want to support other platforms such as Windows. Each platform adds the cost unless you go for cross platform  app development, but that also has it’s pitfalls. Do some of the ground work yourself before approaching the app developmeny company just with an idea. Draw some screens on the paper, how you want the app to work. so that the app developer can give you an estimate.

Teena Jain is the co-founder of GammaPoint, a mobile app development company in Portland, OR. GammaPoint has created many top ranking navigation apps such as Extra Mile and WeatherRun. GammaPoint also provides consulting service for app development.

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