Don’t be the Texan who knows nothing about football – learn, discuss, contribute!

I have a confession.

What I am about to tell you will put my entire upbringing, as a Texan, to shame. Seriously – by publicly announcing what I’m about to tell you, I may be forced to leave this great state.

I… (gulp)… know nothing about football.

I know.

What kind of Texan knows nothing about football? Think about Varsity Blues, Friday Night Lights and every other football show/movie that takes place here. Texans know and love their football, and I never hopped on that bandwagon until recently.

I’ve always watched the Super Bowl for the commercials, went to college football games for the tailgating, and went to high school football games because I was obligated to do so due to my participation on the dance team.

I would cheer when everyone else cheered, I would yell out of anger when someone nudged me and told me to do so, and I would go on about my day while eating unhealthy food and people-watching.

This past weekend, however, I went to my first NFL game (Texans vs. Titans). I finally see what I’ve been missing out on all these years! Texans love their football for good reason. Being in the crowd for a home game with a winning team is exciting! The energy, the camaraderie, the community… all of it thrown together gets everyone all fired up and unified. Texans fans were hugging and high-fiving each other from row to row…and no one even knew each other’s names.

I was fortunate to be with a good friend of mine who was nice enough to explain what was going on throughout the entire game – like my own personal sportscaster sitting next to me. Turns out, football is way more entertaining when I know what is going on.

This is the perfect example of how lack of knowledge breeds lack of interest.

I knew nothing about football, therefore, I did not care one bit about it. I couldn’t participate in conversations about the game, because I had nothing to contribute. I know that I’ll never be one of those people spouting off stats and players names in casual conversation, but it’s nice to have a generic understanding next time the topic comes up.

Take the time to learn something new that you never thought you’d care about. I never thought I’d care about football, and now that I’ve gone to my first game and I can see why everyone is so amped up about it, I want to learn more, and I actually WANT to watch some games!

Next time you find yourself in a conversation where people are talking about things you’re not well versed in, take the time to learn about it when you get home.

You can never read too much, and you can never absorb too much knowledge. Google is glorious.

  • When it comes to marketing, a lot of folks know that they need to take certain measures toward promoting their brand online, but really have no clue how to do it. Maybe this person is you! Maybe it’s a friend of yours or a family member.
  • Do you know someone who is looking to grow his or her subscriber list, but you have no idea how one would go about doing that? Instead of staring blankly and not offering up any tips/advice, take some time to look it up!
  • Do you want to start earning money through affiliate marketing, but don’t know where to begin (or what it is)? Read this!
  • Do your business friends talk about networking events, but you don’t know a thing about them? Look some up in your area, and find out what it’s all about!

Here are some of the things I’ve looked up recently regarding topics that come up at networking events, or among online business communities.

  • How to sell your first product online – Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur wrote about it here.
  • How to use Kickstarter – I had no idea how to use it, so I asked Kristen Williams from Spanish is your Amigo to write a guest blog for me).
  • How to rock at public speaking – I’m starting to look for speaking opportunities. I have my first one coming up in November at Texas State University’s Mass Comm Week, and I’m super stoked to go and talk with my fellow Bobcats about entrepreneurship and social media! I asked Liz Theresa to teach a thing or two about it on this blog.

It’s not even all about marketing. This “take the time to learn something new” thing applies to all aspects of life, of course.

Did you find a spider in your garage and have no idea what it is, if it’s poisonous or not, or what kind of spiders even live in your area? Well, look it up. I don’t want you getting attacked by a vicious spider without even seeing it coming.

Maybe you know someone who is trying to get a loan to buy a house, but you’re clueless about financing and credit. Don’t just say, “eh…not sure…” Google it…ask someone who has already done this. Learn. Contribute. Discuss!

Traveling – have you seen how many people out there are able to drop their full-time jobs and become travel bloggers for a living? How did they do that? Look it up!

Don’t be the Texan who knows nothing about football.

Teach yourself how to do new things, read as much as possible, grow your brand by reading about how to do it, ask people questions, and learn, learn, learn!

What is something that you want to learn this week? How are you going to go about doing it? Share in the comments below!


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