Don’t let your professional relationships wilt



Have you ever forgotten to water a houseplant?  The result is usually not pretty and never good for the plant.  I know I have, and there is always a good reason (read excuse) for not giving the care and attention needed… 

“I was on vacation”

“I didn’t realize you have to water cacti” (you do)

“I was busy and just didn’t see the plant wilting”

The same is true of our professional relationships at work.  If we don’t take the time to deliberately cultivate winning relationships, to pay attention to what is happening around us, our workplace connections will

It’s a relatively quick process to find out whether your professional relationships need watering.  Simply ask the following six questions:

    • What’s happened since we last spoke?
    • What’s working well?
    • What’s getting in the way of your/our success?
    • What have I done to amaze you recently?
    • How have I missed expectations?
    • What is one thing I could do differently to help you/us?

These are my “pulse-check questions” for cultivating winning relationships.  I try to ensure I am asking these questions of my critical stakeholders and professional colleagues.  You don’t have to ask all six questions in one go, it is OK to spread them out over a few meetings.  The key is to ask them and then listen to the answers.


My challenge to you – pick ONE of these and find out how quickly you can cultivate a better relationship!

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