Dreaming of a change of scenery?

Building our first hoop house.
Have you ever dreamed of just selling everything, maybe buying an RV and just “moving on”?

More and more women are doing this, especially as they reach that magic age of 50. Sometimes they have husbands who share the same dreams, and that’s fine, I’m not anti-men.

I’m one of the Four Country Gals who sold their home, and now have a complete change of scenery, from living on an island in Lake Erie, to the SW Utah desert.

We bought a corner of an old potato farm that had been abandoned for about 50 years. Luckily, it had a nice brick home on it, as well as a well and water rights for 1 acre foot.

In the past eight years, we’ve been joined by several neighbors (in our valley) who’ve done the same thing. They’ve either sold it all, or even lost it all, and have chosen to “homestead on the desert”.

Here’s the real kicker. We’re all totally happy, enjoy each others company, and work like the devil to create our little pieces of paradise. We help each other when called, and sometimes just show up to see if we can help with something.

Out here, we don’t know what day it is without looking at a calendar. We get up when the sun comes up, and go to bed when the sun goes down. The nearest small town is 17 miles south of us. Cedar City is 45 miles and St George is about 65 miles away.

While there are a few folks who hold jobs in one of the towns/city, most of us have become self sufficient, or are working from home, or are retired.

What are the keys to our success?

We’ve found a place where it doesn’t cost much money to live. It takes a lot of hard work, and you have to put up with not having many things like “going to the mall” or going out to eat at fancy restaurants, or even the happy hours common in an urban setting.

We love the solitude, as your closest neighbor is visible but well beyond shouting range. There are no sirens, no traffic, but there is gunfire. That’s the sound of “critter control” or target practice.

We’re not afraid to learn a new skill set. Two of us are retired police officers and the other two are retired business women. You”d be surprised how much of your old skill set can be adapted. We’ve found that a lot of the things we did as kids, we do now. We build things. We grow things. We sell things.

We also have adopted the mantra of Reuse, Repair, Re-purpose and Recycle.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of doing much the same. We’re here to tell you that it is possible. You don’t really need a million dollars to retire, you just need the intestinal fortitude to start a new life.

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