Drive Tons of Traffic Using Pinterest for Business: Service-Based Business Case Study

pinterest pinboard-600Drive Tons of Traffic Using Pinterest for Business: Service-Based Business Case Study:

A surefire way to be awesome and rock at something new is to watch the masters at work.

If you wanna sing, watch Lady Gaga. Watch Celine Dion. Watch Whitney.

If you wanna dance, MJ is where it’s at.

If it’s PINTEREST you’re attempting to be boss at, check out these wicked savvy serviced-based businesses…

1. Southwest Airlines – LOVE the kind of material these guys are sharing here. Totally aligned with their image and extremely cognisant of their target market (duh… travelers!) Southwest does it up right — my favorite board they do is “From the Window Seat” where they share photos taken sky-high!

2. Oprah – Personal brands are PERFECT for Pinterest, a platform that is really optimized for people (not businesses). Of course, Oprah IS a business. I’d be a fool to say she isn’t. Her entire IMAGE is her business. Sound familiar, service-based entrepreneurs? Oprah’s Pinterest feels so much like her magazine – she’s making the platform work for her! Her content is churned out with her audience in mind.

3. Mr Rooter – Do you know Mr Rooter? I seriously only found this Pinterest thanks to the good graces of the Internet. I don’t live in Waco, TX. Heck, I don’t even live in Texas! But Mr Rooter is doin’ it up right! Mr Rooter is a plumbing business in Texas that has catered to all of its users. Picture it – their target market consists of homeowners who care about their home. Therefore – why not share home decor inspiration, DIY projects, and plumbing tips/tricks? Brilliant.

4. Kauffman Foundation – What I admire most about the Kauffman Foundation is the great work they do in general. But I want to take a beat to say, “Sheesh! Their Pinterest is so freakin’ organized!” Seriously, if you are at a brick wall without a CLUE about what kind of bits of content you could be producing, these guys will give you some inspiration.

5. MarketingProfs – They always seem to get it. Of course, their being marketers gives them an edge! But consider this – being a marketer (*ahem, I should know*) is a service-based business! Each one of their boards is NICHE and specific in its purpose, which has made it super easy for them to curate great content.

So if you wanna rock at Pinterest, you gotta click here.


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