Driving Website Traffic From Offline Activity

website trafficOften people focus on increasing website traffic by embracing more online activity, however driving website traffic from offline activity shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ushering visitors to your website can also be done by embracing guerilla marketing efforts.

Here are three examples for driving website traffic from offline activity…

1. Extraordinary Exposure. Leave business cards behind at your local coffee house, gym or grocery store. Peoples’ minds are always processing even as they go about their daily lives.

Create a second set of business cards for this purpose. Include one stand out offer with a call to action. You can roughly track extra visitors via Google Analytics > location information.

2. The Gift of Gab. Conferences and local Chapters have regularly scheduled meetings and are often seeking professionals to educate their attendees and membership on important topics. Offer to speak at meetings or participate in conferences and tradeshows. Become a member… as a member you’ll often have access to their membership lists.

Use breakout sessions to network with conference go’ers; plus, stick around for social hour, business opportunities happen even outside the classroom! Also, apply ‘Extraordinary Exposure’ method here.

3. Goodwill Ambassador. Sponsoring community events is a good thing. Find an event in your community that needs support, and give your time, energy, or imagination in support of it. Large corporations use sponsorships to boost their visibility all the time, and you can do the same thing on a smaller, more localized scale. If the event is popular, your efforts bring you visibility, goodwill, and a way to promote your business in the everyday world.

Today, many community events get media coverage, exploit the media mentions via your own online channels.

There you have it, three tips for driving website traffic from offline activity.

While the online world is an increasingly big part of our lives today, we sometimes overlook the offline opportunities to market our business. Let this serve as a good reminder that marketing is multi-faceted, businesses need to have an integrated marketing mix with several consumer touches, activities need to work simultaneously, complimenting one another.

Your turn. Do you use any offline marketing to drive website traffic? Do Tell.


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