E-business Advantages: 7 Reasons Solopreneurs Start E-businesses

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There is, COLIBRI knows, an old joke about how women (or anyone else for that matter) go into e-businesses because they can wear pajamas to work.

While it is true that as of this moment COLIBRI is wearing pajamas, she has been thinking: wearing pajamas is actually just the beginning of the e-business advantages you enjoy when you take up the adventurous life of the solopreneur.

What do women really want? We don’t just want to wear pajamas to work; we of course want much, much more. Women become solopreneurs and start e-businesses because they want to work in a whole new way that expresses all of who they are while making a great living.

The Advantages

Here are 7 e-business advantages you may not have considered:

  1. Money: Be real. Serious solopreneurs go into business because they want to make money. Why? Because earning money and living a life of financial integrity are important for everyone. Women (and COLIBRI will admit it right here: she used to be one of them) are sometimes reluctant to talk about money, think about money or admit that money is an important focus.

    Think about money as a positive. It’s not something you need; it’s something you want and, as with everything you’ve ever really wanted, you’ll make a success plan and go for it.

  2. Flexibility: Solopreneurs, especially women, start e-businesses because they can choose their own schedules. This may be because they have children or it may be because they like to work all night and sleep all day. Whatever the reasons, flexibility is an important e-business advantage.

  3. Creativity: Right now, the sky is the limit in terms of creativity and e-businesses. COLIBRI has said this many times, but she’ll say it again: don’t be afraid to dream. Think big about what you want to do and why you want to do it. If you need to acquire new skills, the learning curve may seem steep at first, but, believe COLIBRI, there is plenty of information and support on the web to help you get going with your e-business.

  4. Freedom: Low start-up costs, flexibility and the possibility of a good and steady income are all e-business advantages that add up to freedom. COLIBRI doesn’t mean the freedom to have whatever you want whenever you want it–no human being really lives like that. She means the freedom to own your work, be your boss, make your decisions and live the life you want. E-businesses aren’t the only route, but, in today’s economy and climate, they may be the most direct one.

  5. Excitement: Solopreneurs who start e-businesses face many challenges. If you are a solopreneur who is starting an e-business, you may feel fear. That’s normal. The other side of fear is, however, excitement. You are launching an incredible, dream-fulfilling project that is yours, all yours, baby. So feel the excitement!

  6. Authority: Solopreneurs who start e-businesses, especially if they blog and publish, have the opportunity to establish themselves as authorities in their field. This is heady (see Excitement, above)! If you provide high-quality, valuable content, you will become a resource and an authority in your field. This isn’t climbing the corporate ladder, ladies, this is about creating your ladder (see Creativity, above).

  7. Values: Of all the e-business advantages, the ability to tailor your business to your individual values is near and dear to COLIBRI’s heart. When all is said and done, the ability to live your life the way you want fundamentally includes attending to your values. Is an eco-business right for you? Do you want to help other women become solopreneurs? Would you like to live abroad? What’s important to you and why? You can build an e-business that reflects what you truly value–and that’s a true advantage.

Your Turn

What are other e-business advantages you can think of?

(Originally posted on www.annacolibri.com.)


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