What are the early signs of pregnancy?

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Early signs of pregnancy

You could be trying to become pregnant, or you are suspecting that you are. Before you even go for the pregnancy test, there are signs that will let you know that you are pregnant. Some of these signs are missed periods, fatigue, breast tenderness, frequent urination, dizziness, mood swings and nausea.

Some of the early signs of pregnancy and how to cope with them

Missed periods: If you are sexually active, this is the first sign that you are pregnant. You may have missed your periods all together although some women may experience short light periods.

Fatigue: Feeling tired is also one of the common early signs of pregnancy. This may happen as early as in the first week of pregnancy when the levels of progesterone are high and make you sleepy. The best thing is to take enough rest and pay attention to your body.

Food cravings or aversions: You may have liked a certain type of food, and now you cannot stand its smell. There is also a particular type of food that you cannot do without since you crave it all the time. This is a sign that you are pregnant, and they are caused by changes in hormones. Stay away from the foods that you cannot stand and keep the food that you cannot do without clothes.

Morning sickness: This is the feeling of nausea, and you may vomit or not vomit. This feeling starts early in the pregnancy and you may feel it any time. For some women, it is intense in the morning. Try to eat small and frequent meals during the day and take a snack the first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and just before you go to bed. This will ensure that there is some food in the stomach even if you feel like vomiting. Peppermint and Lemon and flavors in tea or candies can help to reduce the feeling.

signs of pregnancy

Be sensitive to smell: This is one of the early signs of pregnancy. You may find that you cannot stand certain smells that never used to bother you, well, and even those that bothered you. Avoid the smells that are bothering you and if you get in a stuffy area, have the windows opened.

Breasts become swollen or tender: This is a sign that can be seen in the early stages of pregnancy from one to two weeks. The breasts become swollen and tender.


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