Easy Crafts for Kids : Decoupage


Being environment friendly by nature, I try my best to find ways to re-use almost every bit of disposable or discarded item around the house. Be it ribbons, empty cans and bottles or gift wrappers, I like to keep creating novel ways to re-use them. Today, we will take a look at how to convert a discarded bottle into a lovely ornamental and useful item. Depending on the age of your child, a bit of assistance may be required for this project.


You will need:
* An empty bottle, of any preferred shape or size
* Black paint (oil or acrylic)
* Floral gift wrapping paper (or any other patterned paper): 1, 2
* Craft scissors
* Adhesive glue: Matte, Gloss
* Paint brushes
* Clear Varnish (optional)

A word of advice before we start: For a child’s craft project, it will be advisable to choose a bottle which has four or more straight sides like the one I have worked on, or a cylindrical object like a glass tumbler. Working on a circular base can be a bit tedious for little ones.

Step 1: Cover the bottle with a thick coat of black paint, and set it aside to dry. Although it is advisable to use oil based paints that are available at a hardware store, I have used regular fabric paints for this project. These are less messy for children to work with and can be easily washed off from their hands. Since glass or plastic is a slippery surface to paint on, avoid using excess water for application of the paint. You can have your own preferred choice of background color according to the designs you pick out. I chose black for the background as it has a strong contrast and lets the design stand out beautifully.

Step 2: Carefully cut out each individual flower or a cluster of few flowers from the gift wrapping paper. You will need quite a few of these flowers cut-outs in order to cover the entire surface area. (If you decide to work on a curved surface, please note that you may need to cut out smaller patterns in order for them to shape according to the curves of the bottle without creasing or pinching up.)

Step 3: Take one of the cut flowers and with the help of a paint brush, spread a thin layer of glue onto its backing. Ensure that you have no glue on your hands and delicately paste the cut-out onto the painted bottle. Keep repeating this process, by overlapping a bit of the already stuck flowers with newer ones until the entire bottle is covered with flowers. Be sure to have all the edges of the flowers pressed down carefully. Depending on your preference, you can either stick them close together or by leaving wider areas of background color.

Step 4: This step is optional, but very essential if you intend preserving your creation – and should be carried out by an adult, not a child. I use my bottle to store my paint brushes, so I have avoided this particular step. If you plan on using your item as a vase for fresh flowers, you will have to cover the entire outer surface of the bottle with a couple of coats of clear varnish. This helps to protect the paper from peeling off or tearing when in contact with water, making it a durable item. Happy Crafting !

Here are some links to sites that can help you learn more on how to create wonders with the art of decoupage.



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