Effective Branding via Streaming

Technological advances have facilitated the rise of internet streaming. As opposed to downloading a file, the process involves the delivery of internet content in real time, as the event is taking place. The effectiveness of this form of media distribution has seen a trend developing with some of the biggest companies in the world jumping on the bandwagon. Facebook launched Facebook Live and Instagram launched its live stories in an effort to not only improve user experience but to also grow their brand in today’s interconnected society.

Video streaming provides a host of benefits. The market has shown a preference to the unrefined experience which live streaming offers as opposed to the high quality media put out by most companies. While streaming directly to their customers, a brand can engage and understand their target audience. Most streaming sites provide a chat room where viewers can comment, engage and discuss what they are seeing in real time. This type of information is extremely valuable to marketers. On top of this, the technology which allows for live streaming connects a business to the global marketplace. Streaming customer support and Q&As, special announcements and live events are some of the most commonly seen strategies used by big brands.

To show the potential that live streaming offers we can look at Live streaming website Twitch, with 15 million daily viewers the website has tapped into a huge share of internet users by offering live streaming of professional tournaments, gaming talk shows and casual solo session. Viewers value the raw and unrefined entertainment value offered by the broadcasters. These broadcasters who become successful do so by playing games and streaming this to their millions of viewers, often rising to celebrity status similar to that of pro athletes.

Another good example is how an online casino, can immerse their users back into the casino experience from the comfort of their own homes. Live dealer games are on the rise which involves real-time web broadcasts of the proceedings of a real-life gambling arena where cameras are capturing real time games which are being streamed directly to the end user. A great example of the potential of online streaming is Unibet, who offer streaming of live sporting games which their users can watch for free while placing bets on their favourite teams. In addition to this, the website offers streaming of the Unibet Open, a four-day festival at the stunning JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel where users can enjoy watching their favourite players compete. The overall effect of offering this to their customers is to create a relationship which will ultimately lead to brand loyalty.


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