Effective Tips for Monetizing WordPress

WordPress has definitely got success in obtaining the status of the most widely used and popular CMS or content management system throughout the world during the last more than a decade. According to the available statistics, the number of active websites at present is more than 180 million and WordPress is used by almost 33% i.e. nearly 60 millions of them. This means WordPress blogs can also be used for making some additional money online. Some tips to earn money by monetizing a blog are provided in this write-up for your guidance.

Types of blogs in WordPress that can make money

When you use a WordPress website to make money then the share of the blogs on WordPress themes and the website owner who manages the website for making money is significantly small in terms sustainable growth of their revenue.

Initially, it looks difficult to know which types of WordPress websites can help in making money as there are many things that can affect the generation of additional income like the quality of the content of the site, quality /quantity of traffic and the selection of ways to monetize your website or a blog etc.

Secondly, the impact of your efforts can vary. Sometimes you cannot make substantial amount of money even by writing compelling content on a trendy topic or a large footfall of loyal readers or visitors unless they adopt an efficient strategy to monetize a website.

Ways to monetize a WordPress site hosted by you

Unluckily the owners of WordPress websites usually have very limited choice to make money by advertising through WordPress ads.

Similarly, the publishers, who have self-hosted WordPress websites, can choose from a large number of ad networks available to them they may include banner ads from Google AdSense as well as ads from third-party money blogging sources.

Actually, the importance of different sources of one’s ad revenue is beyond any doubt.

Ways to add traditional ads in WordPress site

It is easy to add other ads in a WordPress site without affecting the ads of AdSense just by using ad WordPress plugins. You can find more than 1000 efficient, easy to use and affordable plugins in the repository of WordPress that can be used for this purpose.

Ways to use ad inserter

  • Ad inserters can be used by opening the dashboard of WordPress site
  • Then go to Add New through Plugins
  • Then search for ad plug-in
  • It will allow you to select and install an ad plug-in with good rating and high downloading rate
  • Then you can insert the code of ad provided by the ad provider into the selected place for ad after activating the plug-in.
  • Then you have to select the particular pages to display the ad by configuring the ad settings.
  • Then you can save the changes made by you

Ways to monetize with video ads on a WordPress website

Video ads are considered to be more attractive for the publishers of websites as compared to the ads displayed on them. It is mainly due to the comparatively higher rate of CPM of video ads that allows the site owners to make a higher amount of revenue from ads. However, you can also make money from your WordPress site even if you have limited or no video ads. You can stream the video ads into non-video options specifically developed for integrating natives like blog posts and articles etc. in fact, many video advertising platforms, as well as a number of video ad providers, are providing opportunities to make money through them.

Ways to integrate local video ads in a WordPress website

In order to integrate placements of stream ads you neither have to install a video ad inserter separately nor think on where to put the code of ads on your website. The process of integration of local ads can be completed in few steps like:

  • Find out the most efficient on-page placement for video ad and accordingly stream the format of the ads
  • Then you should request for the player code of out streaming video ad for its placement provided by the provider of video ads
  • Now you can add video player code of HTML5 into the plug-in you are using and configure the settings of displaying video ads.
  • Finish the process by saving changes

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