Effective tips to help you optimize your content in Google News

There has been a lot of evolution in Google since the early beta version days from 2002. Today the practices which are used to optimize news content are quite different. However, there are certain fundamentals that have not changed too much at all. Hence, it is important that you are able to understand the differences that have set in to know how you can better optimize your content for better visibility and more organic traffic. This small article will deal with just that, and you will learn about optimizing your news content more effectively.

Today Google News has several updated artificial intelligence techniques which can help register new information flow when it comes on the web and analyze them and then organize them in storylines. With this new method, Google easily can understand every aspect of a story like the people, things, events that are involved in a particular story.

The new algorithms in Google are all updated, and they can easily determine all the information from the contents to index them for Google News. It is organized in the form of images, videos, stories in the results page. Thus, when you look for any specific news, you can get relevant news, images, videos, and press releases in your results.

The ranking in Google News will be determined on a number of important factors like:

  1. How fresh is the content?
  2. If the content has any diversity?
  3. The textural quality of the content.
  4. How original is the content?
  5. The preference that users have for topics and publishers.

The current version of Google News uses the techniques of machine learning in order to learn the specific habits, routines, preferences of the user over a period of time, which helps it to provide personalized content. This allows them to provide relevant results as new searches are conducted.

Optimizing your news content to increase visibility and organic traffic:

  • Do thorough keyword research and find the most common search terms which people can look for:

One of the first things which need to be done when you do optimization of your content for Google news then you need to do keyword research and check what the specific search terms for news that people use. It is an easy procedure too. Suppose in the event that you have any article about “returning to school” then you can use Google Trends and its Explorer Tool. You should then use your “News Search” option for discovering the latest “returning to school” articles in the last one and a half months in a specific country or region. You can also use your Autocomplete feature to conduct keyword researches on the go. Check the autocomplete predictions, and you will find out what people search for with those terms.

Thus, if you really have a story that is newsworthy, then you should also make your own keyword research and see if you can incorporate them in your content.

  • Provide a headline that is clear and concise:

In spite of being totally revamped, on Google news, there is still a tendency to rely on the page titles in order to have a good ranking. The news, magazines, or video stories need to be the main headline on your page title. You need to have a minimum of two words and a maximum of twenty-two in order to get through indexing on Google news. Also, do not put any word plays or any puns in your headline. The reason for this is that it will confuse not only people but also the Google algorithms.

  • Put the use of subheads or text formatting in the emphasis:

Understanding your subheads, these are essential for incorporating extra keywords which are not on your headline. It will also allow you to provide extra guidance to many readers when they want to read the total news content. You must put the subheads in bolds, italicize them and underline the entire thing. You can also use bulleted points as it will help to understand the key points. You should focus on the main points of the article. You should break the content up in sub-sections which need be issue-based. You must have visual clues also to summarize the news.

  • Keep the articles short

You should try and keep your articles short and well-focused. You need to be aware of the topic properly and not keep it shallow. Provide original content in the information, have original reporting with original research and analysis. Do not indulge in extra details. Thus, do thorough research on your topics and then keep the article short.

  • Use your photos and videos:

You need to be using a rich and diverse textual content along with photos, videos. The Google News will display the images which are associated with the different articles which have been indexed. You can increase the chances of your images being included in the Google news results by doing the following:

  1. Using images which are relevant for your story and not focus on logos or the captions only.
  2. Use thumbnail images with your article which can be easily displayed
  3. Use file extensions like .jpeg, .png, .jpg and so on.
  4. The size of your images must be 50 x 80 pixels.
  5. Format the images you put inline.
  6. Put the photos by the titles of their respective articles
  7. Use good captions in order to label the images you upload.
  8. Your video content must be embedded in your articles.

The video channels of Google news must have reported about recent events. All the tips mentioned above will help in optimizing your content for Google News. If you want to improve the organic traffic and visibility of your news content, then you need to optimize it for Google News. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. You can get in touch with New York SEO to enjoy the best possible services.