EIEIO-NOT the Dog, But The Key To A Digital Marketing Strategy

content marketingThere was a farmer who had a dog..EIEIO… but that’s not THIS story. This story is about how digital content marketing will work for you. I am sharing with you what I have learned after years of watching, learning and experiencing what is working on the web and in social media for people searching for products, services and EXPERTS. Use these points and you will start to see people searching for you, working with you and telling their friends.

Quick and simple, this is a digital marketing strategy that works for content – E I E I O


Engaging– People DO like to be lurkers..but they also want to feel like they are actually able to reach out and connect with the company/brand/people behind the product or service. By showing a personal side to your business/product or service you make it easier for engagement to take place.

Informative-When people are in the discovery phase of doing web research, they want to gather as much information as possible before making a decision. When you are showing your expertise about what you are passionate about, that energy comes through along with the answers to their questions.

Entertaining-Let’s face it, we all have the attention span of a gnat with all the various forms of content/commercials/crap being hurled in our direction every time we come near a screen to make a buying decision. So people want to be entertained in exchange for eyeballs. Case in point: the funky Evian commercials with the dancing babies, right? What do I use? Tropical pictures, handstands and adventure stories.

Interesting-This is why storytelling is so important in content marketing. People love a good story and if you can wrap it around something they are already searching for, you get extra points. People like to know the stories behind the scenes. I just posted recently on Facebook a crowd source question for my client, Hawaii Coffee Connection. I asked what they wanted our next blog post to be about. Product or people? They wanted the story behind the farmers. Once people engage with the story, they are more likely to care about the product.

Opinionated-When Sheryl Sandberg wrote, “Lean In” she started with an opinion about why she felt more women should want to be in the Boardroom. Love her or hate her, she put it out there with conviction and her fans will buy anything she produces now. Lead with an opinion on Facebook and you get more comments and more engagement with people who either support your thoughts or who want to change your mind. You hooked them. Once, hooked, you can engage and inform. Be yourself and be authentic and you’ll get the types of people who want to work with you and buy what you have to sell.

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