Eight Most Important Decisions a Leader Can Make

A Leader’s is someone who seizes the opportunity to achieve the targeted goal of a group. A leader can be an entrepreneur who is to make profit from a new process or unexploited raw materials and takes the organizational risks to promote the opportunity of bringing together the requisite raw materials, capital and manpower. In other words, a leader is often identified as one of the factors in achieving goals.  For Example: The CEO of the site: teramind.co, individually built a reputation for the company with his abilities which surpassed that of his immediate peers.

A good leader bears ricks, he has vision and foresight, he is knowledgeable, he is persistent, he has sound judgment, courageous and above all a decision maker and has courage over decisions he makes. A leader can make decisions based on group interest and after hearing members’ opinion. This leader is known to be a democratic leader whiles the other type is an autocratic leader who doesn’t seek members’ opinion in making decisions. As a leader, there are a lot of decisions that you can make and below are a few.

1)  The Aims to Achieve in order to Actualize a Targeted Goal

Deciding on the aims to achieve for the attainment of goals and also for the betterment of the group is mostly done by the leader.

In a business, company or organization; what the company or business produces is a very important decision made by the leader of either a sole proprietor or a partnership business. The type of goods or services, and the quantity and quality of the product are all obtained by the leader’s decision.

2)  How the set goals will be achieved.

The methods used in realizing set goals are decided by the leader. He does this by setting objectives which would be used in achieving aims. Giving members more incentives is one method a leader can decide to use in reaching goals. These incentives motivate the members to work harder. He may also decide to use advertisement as a means of realizing goals. Using software that can monitor employee’s performance and protecting important data with software such as the software made by teramind.co can also be another method a leader may choose to achieve goals.

3)  When to Take Action

The time to act on a particular issue is all determined by the leader.  Since he is head of the organization and regulates all its activities, he knows the best time to take action on a specific issue. For example: The leader of a production team in a production company knows the best time to begin and end production therefore he decides the time to start and end production.

4)  The Location of the Agency

The location of the agency is another important factor that can be determined by the leader. The leader has the authority to decide where the agency should be sited.  Since the leader is the head and has the power and also knows what’s best for the company he can know where the company or organization can be best sited in order for it to achieve its aims

5)  He Decides the Distribution Methods

The leader decides how and where to distribute final products, that is, in a production business. Whether products go by air, sea or water are all decided by the leader. He also decides how resources and income are shared amongst members.

6)  The Staff to Recruit

The leader also decides which members to hire and their various tasks based on their skills and talent. He makes sure of employing good caliber personnel, because the success of the business will depend on the caliber of personnel that he employs.

7)  Sources of Finance

How to get funding can also be determined by the leader. He can choose to source for fund through his personal savings, loans from friends, relatives and credit unions, plough back profits or get loans from financial institutions.

8)  Advertisement and how to advertise

The leader may decide to advertise or not to advertise his business. If the leader chooses to advertise his business or agency, he can also decide the means to do so. He may decide to advertise through radio, television, public notices or door to door contacts. For instance: A company like Teramind has social media profiles which help advertise its website; teramind.co and thus its products and services.


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