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Tired of recreating the wheel every day in your business? Tired of trying to remember all of the steps to a process in your business? Troubled by worry that you’ve somehow forgotten to do something important? Do you lose sleep at night because you worry about what would happen to your business if something were to happen to you?

These concerns are often what lead clients to me. As a Business Success Coach, I focus on helping clients on all aspects of their business, especially those areas that need to be systematized. Systems are the tools that allow you to take the processes of your business from inside your own head and put it into the hands of people who can help you run and grow your company. Systems also help you run your business without you having to be there. I hate to say it but you never really know what could happen to you – if you were to end up flat on your back in the hospital, the last thing you’d want to be doing (if you could) was managing your business from your hospital bed. Systems help protect your company from folding in your absence and as an entrepreneur that could be a very critical part of your personal and business finances, should something happen that keeps you down for a while.

Over the next few weeks I want to take a deep dive into systems development with you and give you some strategies for implementation of simple but effective systems into your business. To begin the month, this week I want to give you just a few reasons why you should implement systems into your business.

Employee independence: When you build systems and delegate parts of your business to your employees, systems can give employees the ability to attempt problem solving when needed. Systems also give them a sense of responsibility, allowing them to “own” their task and duties.

Self-Sufficient: Systems allow others to run your business in the case of a tragedy. As a small business owner, your family’s financial security could be at risk if your business cannot continue without you. I have literally known small business owners who have needed complicated surgery and have had to run their business from their hospital bed in order to keep money coming in so that they could continue paying for their insurance. Systems help you avoid this situation.

Efficiency: When your business has check and balances and even a routine, things will flow much faster. This allows more productivity – because when you can check off items on a task list off and not have to try and remember each step in a sequence you can move through processes much quicker.

Do you have a system for any areas of your business? What system could you not be without?

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