Why Email Security is So Important for your Business?

In today’s online world, there are various challenges you have to deal with if you want your business to grow. You need to learn how to prioritize your goals and familiarize yourself with all types of potential danger when using online services. Securing your business in a proper way asks for professional support. Email has been the most popular business service for quite some time now and using it for the sake of marketing is, without saying, the step you have to take. However, looking at the worldwide statistics showing that almost 70% of email traffic around the world is malicious or spam, you must be prepared to invest time and money into building the best possible defense against this kind of harm.

Cyber criminals don’t take breaks. They work day and night sending out thousands of phishing emails containing various extremely infectious viruses. These attacks may cause serious harm to your business and the consequences can be severe, including complete loss of data without possibility to get it back.

Building the Defense

A Hosted Email Protection Service

This type of protection has a lot of advantages. A hosted service is used to scan all your emails and after checking the safety, emails are sent to your on-premise email server.

Since cyber criminals try to connect directly to a company’s email server when attacking, having IP address restrictions has proved to be extremely useful. These restrictions put a limit on the list of connectors to an on-premise mail server. Therefore, hackers have a hard time trying to find out which the email server software you run. This type of protection actually helps you hide all your vulnerabilities.

Types of attacks hackers most often use include:

  • Phishing emails. These emails always contain certain infected external links and/or attachments that threaten to cause serious damage to your data. A hosted email protection service will spot these emails and quarantine them right on time, before they get to the on-premise email server.
  • Buffer Overflows happen when a large number of data hits an on-premise email server. When this happens, it means that a hosted email protection service will meet the high load demand.
  • Inbound and outbound email flooding. Before sending emails to an on-premise email server, email spam filtering services process big amounts of inbound emails. On the other hand, it is quite easy to spot outbound email flooding, as it can be seen from a possibly misconfigured device.
  • DoS (Denial of Service). Internet services such as VPN or Remote Desktop will be considered unusable, when/if a large amount of email is received via a limited-bandwidth Cable Modem Connection or DSL. In addition, external hosted services will be degraded.

A hosted email protection service is one of the best solutions for fighting against these types of attacks. However, you can also opt for cloud-based email protection services.

Cloud-based email protection service

This service acts both as a spam filtering and content filtering service. It contains certain content filtering features and a large number of companies tend to use it. However, in order to fight phishing emails, some of them put protection just for the generic email accounts, which is not such a safe solution. The best would be to put protection in place for each and every email account within the company. Even though it sounds costly, it truly pays off, as it is not yet another ‘quick-win’ option.

There has been an urgent demand for efficient email protection services as the number of virus-infected emails and malicious links constantly keeps growing. Cybercrime is a serious threat for all types of businesses that use email marketing. A number of malware links, yet another sort of attack, has also grown. These links are specially designed to steal confidential data from your systems, including passwords and logins. Therefore, a third-party email security offering is the best solution for protecting confidentiality and value of your business.


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