Engage the U.S. Hispanic Market

U.S. Hispanics are quickly becoming the stimulus behind our market. Slowly serving as a lucrative backbone for the economy, the U.S. Hispanic market is growing at a rapid pace. Their buying patterns indicate their brand and product loyalty, which means marketers have the opportunity to earn their trust, gain brand ambassadors, and build sales.

Mari Escamilla, Hispanic Media Manager for Marketing Maven recognizes the U.S. Hispanic influence, “The U.S. Hispanic market is evolving. It’s beneficial to better understand this evolving demographic and help show those willing to learn that they are not the stereotypical uneducated, low-income families that do not use today’s technology for their benefit.”

In fact, they are far from this misconstrued stereotype. The U.S. Hispanic is one of the leading users of technology for a variety of purposes, the greater of which is to shop. Their loyalty comes from their preference to share opinions & write reviews as well as share products with friends. Armed with the knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic buying, shopping, and sharing patterns, marketers can now develop incentives to get Hispanic consumers to share about their product. The power of word-of-mouth is much more impactful in Hispanic communities than in non-Hispanic communities, so take advantage of their loyalty by starting the conversation.

To get a clear idea of just how powerful those customers reviews are, see our infographic below:

[embedit snippet=”hispanic-market”]


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