Entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship 101

Some of these are unusual choices that don’t fit neatly into the “business book” genre. But being an entrepreneur involves a lot more than nuts and bolts and outcomes, so this list includes books about leading people, making decisions, the broader meaning of wealth… all the other “stuff” that goes into starting a business and running a company. Most importantly, each will make you think—and that’s the best measure of a great book.

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  1. Hi, I wrote a book called Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business and it’s on BarnesandNoble.com, CreateSpace and Kindle. It is about knowing who you are before you start a business. It’s 140 pages but it has a lot of information based on my 15-years of experience as a business owner. I would love to included on the list of books to read. Thank you!

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