Entrepreneurship-A Shared Responsibility

Once you decide that you are going into business for yourself the business of conducting business changes. You are now in charge of the morning agenda. You decide how long the work day will be. Menial assignments normally relegated to a Man-Friday are now your everyday concern. But, who else shares the responsibility of the day? Take a look.

First and foremost you are still the mommy and wife on the family leader board. Second, now that you have decided, at least for a while, that you are your own day laborer, it is time to put some things in check. Working from home can be rewarding and a challenge. Monday morning comes around quickly when there are still four loads of laundry to do and you need to be on a call in fifteen minutes.

Help your family help you. It’s not so hard to do, start small. Any craft store has a good selection of chalkboards or other types of boards you can use with kid-friendly markers. Don’t be afraid to assign tasks. Place the board where all in the home can see it. Our families have no issue in calling on us any time of day or night. Let them know the space you require to get your target business of the day taken care of.  Remember, first of the day, first of the month, first of the year. Getting things completed early keeps your preparedness on track.

List out what your day looks like so the family sees what you face on a daily basis. This will help them see that mommy’s day is often very full.  Yet, this small move will not dismiss your role and effectiveness within the home or undermine your leadership as the boss of your company. It takes practice, skill, and a cool head but it works when you enforce with love, no shouting or rudeness. Your family gets that this is a new regimen, so chill out. They will help you and you, them.

Have your husband and children, where possible, fill in the blanks of what needs to be accomplished during the course of the day. This sets the tone of what the entire family’s day will be. They will soon realize the difference of what they can do on their own and when your input is needed. This will align home and business functions properly.

Some have adopted the misguided notion that working from home translates into free time. Not so. Infact, you may find it harder to concentrate because you have the familiarities of home life in your back pocket and within earshot. Time wasted means double work tomorrow. It is not a perfect world so in some instances there will be the conference call with executives just as an unassuming child wanders in needing a diaper change. Let this be the exception.

Create your timed work space wisely. Having someone come in to help with the children during crucial hours of the day may be something for you to think about. Use realistic margins. If you know that you are the only one able to pick up the kids in the afternoon, do not schedule a meeting or choose this time to flex your muscle as a multi-tasking queen. This could lead to a quick burnout. There will be plenty of times to spin while twirling a baton and riding a bike but this isn’t one of them.

Remember when you worked outside of the home? You know as well as I that there were hourly, daily and monthly metrics. Much more crucial is it for you to adhere to the rhythms of those not so old standards. Allow for some learning curves and unexpected occurrences along the way.

Prioritizing family roles sets proper actions. Do not put it off. The longer you exist in the same mindset the longer your routine stays the same with little benefit to you, your family and business.


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