Entrepreneurship: The Ups, The Downs, and The WHAT!?? Moments

Entrepreneurship: The Ups, The Downs, and The WHAT!?? Moments I think it takes a certain kind of ballsy person to become an entrepreneur.

Seriously, it’s a requirement.

From jumping into an idea, to the follow through, to the moments where you think your ship is going to sink, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park, and many people can’t handle that type of ride. Better yet, few people are qualified to run a business.

But, I still think you should go for it.

The definition of an entrepreneur according to Merriam-Webster is, “One who organizes, manages, and assumes th

e risks of a business or enterprise” (Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/entrepreneur)

So an entrepreneur must be comfortable with taking risks, and should be a good organizer and manager, to boot!

Are you comfortable with those three words? Then you might make a good entrepreneur. What I find stops most people from taking the risk of entrepreneurship or starting up is a lack of confidence or know-how. We assume that only big shot tech entrepreneurs or those who have led companies before have the right to enter the entrepreneur game. But that’s completely ridiculous thinking! No one is born being great. They usually have greatness thrust upon them, and more times than not, it’s after failure has stricken them 1000 times over.

If you research or learn about any great entrepreneur, you’ll find that they had to hit a low point (sometimes an EXTREMELY low point), before they picked themselves up and landed that opportunity of a lifetime. Opportunity struck these people because they already put in the long hours, hard work, and countless moments of complete frustration and failure.

Those “WHAT!??” moments of failure are the perfect breeding ground for success. Think of them as your “beta testing” moments and take full advantage of bumping your head around walls until you find that open door of opportunity. I know this is probably gross, and you might hate me for using this analogy (but what the heck, I’m going to use it anyway), pause for a moment and think of a sperm trying to enter an egg. Sometimes you have to prod around before you get let in, my little spermies!

Now that the grossness is over, the fear of entrepreneurship should have settled down. Not as scared about Entrepreneurship as you were before, right? Great Entrepreneurs are merely problem finders. They find a problem and create a simple solution to it.

What keeps these problem finders from getting up one day and quitting or worse losing their company, is perseverance, product/service testing, and a “no-is-not-in-my-vocabulary” sense of entitlement. When “no” is not a word in your vocabulary, you don’t allow any room for self-pity or dwelling in failures. Failures are a part of life. They are healthy and are the great humbler of the world. Get past the fear of failure and you’ll enter the world of successful entrepreneurship.

Best of Love!

What piece of inspiration helps get your through your tough times?


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