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As a PR expert, content promotion is one of the biggest tools in your arsenal. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the industry, how much experience you have to how many successful projects you have under your belt, the fact of the matter is that your next bit of content could be your last.

I know, it’s a scary thought, but the threat is very real. One wrong move and you could destroy your client’s reputation, and that will be that. However, with careful planning, an expert’s attention to detail and meticulous accuracy you can stop this from ever being a problem.

Today, we’ll explore the ultimate PR toolkit that will help you master the PR content production and promotion process, helping you to minimise this risk and helping you succeed in every project that you undertake.

Content Promotion: Planning Stages

One of, if not the most, important part of your content promotion process is the planning stage. This means planning, from start to finish, your entire PR content campaign, enabling you to prepare for any obstacles and challenges that may stand in your way. Here is a list of tools that can help you master this stage of the process.

Google Calendar (
This awesome little free tool is a must-have when it comes to planning your PR strategies, and even the rest of the stages! Doing exactly what it says on the tin, you can use this tool to plot out your entire campaign.

Evernote (
Whether you’re looking for an app and tool that can create to-do lists, brainstorm ideas, jot down random thoughts and plan the content for your strategy, Evernote is the app that can do it all. You can download and use the app across all kinds of desktop and mobile devices to use seamlessly.

Google Trends (
Searching for the type of content you want to be posting during your PR campaign can be a struggle at the best of times. Using Google Trends, you can search and research any kind of content that’s trending using your preferred keywords, allowing you to find and select blogs, articles and other newsworthy posts.

Content Promotion: Creating Your Content

Once the planning stage of your campaign is complete, it’s time to start creating your content. However, getting your content perfect is essential. Here are several tools that can help you complete this task to the highest quality.

Grammarly (
Using Grammarly, you can easily proofread and edit your work from your own computer. In fact, the app can be used on most websites and even as a Word plugin, checking over 250 kinds of writing errors.

Academized (
Once your content has been completed, you can use this tool to upload your work to have it scanned by a leading software package that will inform you of any plagiarism conflicts with other content.

Plagium (
Similar to the tool above, you can use Plagium to upload your content to have it scanned for any forms of plagiarism. This is an essential process that will help you maintain your SEO ranking and will ensure you won’t get penalized.

Paper Fellows (
When you’ve got your topics and headlines ready, allowing you to have enough time to focus on other parts of your PR campaign, you can use this tool to have high-quality content created on your behalf.

Cite It In (
This is an extremely important tool to use when creating your content. When adding citations, quotes and references to your content, you can do so professionally using this tool. Remember, reference in your content is such an important part of PR content creation.

Big Assignments (
When uploading your content, it’s crucial that your content is free from errors, mistakes and actually makes sense when you read it. Using this tool, you can have a professional writer edit and proofread your work on your behalf.

Content Promotion: Pitching & Distributing Your Content

This stage of the process is all about uploading your content in the right place and getting it into the screens of the people it matters to the most. Statistically, around 70% of content that’s created goes unused. To stop this happening to you, you’ll need to research your audience so you can also maximise your budget and online presence. Here are some tools that can help.

Response Source (
One of your main audiences as a PR campaigner are reporters and journalists and you’ll need a way to get your content to them. Using this tool, you’ll be able to distribute all your content to an expansive range of these individuals in seconds.

Help A Reporter Out (
More commonly known as HARO, this is one of the best places to locate and connect with mainstream journalists who are looking for pieces of content like yours.

LinkedIn (
Easily the largest professional network to grace the Internet, LinkedIn has over 100 million users, some of which are bound to be interested in your PR content.

Content Promotion: Analysis and Enhancing Your Strategy

After your campaign has launched and been completed, it’s vital that you follow up with the media outlets for your analytics data, allowing you to monitor the success of your project and any fall-shorts that you had, enabling you to be a more successful company.

Mention (
This real-time tracker allows you to check exactly what companies, businesses, brands and individuals are being ‘mentioned’ across the internet, including all social media platforms. You can also comment and engage with mentions that are found during your search.

Google Alerts (
Setting up email alerts with this tool allows you to see exactly when a website, business or news feed feature your piece of content or something related to your industry/PR campaign, allowing you to see exactly what websites are interested in your stories and industry.

Shared Count (
Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Shared Count is an incredibly helpful tool that allows you to effortlessly track how many times your URL has been shared across all of the social media platforms.

You’ll also receive a tonne of up to date information on your URLs engagement rates, giving you all the information you’ll need to improve and streamline your campaigns.

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