5 perfect ways to establish close relationships with your returning customers

Internet is full of articles on how to turn your online customers into returning ones. But very few of those prompt what the next steps should be. Ok, let’s assume you managed to hook a bunch of customers who registered in your store and who visit your website from time to time. But how can you bring these relationships to the next level and build close friendship for a long period of time? Here comes a bunch of tips on how you can do establish close relationships with returning clients.

Remember about their birthday

Being a friend of a customer doesn’t come far away from being a real life friend. For example, it is always a good tone to send an e-card on their birthday and maybe even offer a coupon code with a discount. With such strategy you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you remind about your store. Secondly, you establish good relationships with a customer.

Make sure they get special offers

Nothing can make a customer feel more valued than an exclusive discount. This can be fulfilled via special emails with a unique link or code.

Another good way is to grant your returning customers special Group Statuses e.g. Silver, Golden and Platinum customer. After that you can add custom options for each group and display relevant discounted prices for each group. And don’t forget to point your customers’ attention to the fact that they have a discounted price. Labels or banners near each price would work perfectly for that.

Offer pre-sale access

Another good way to make your customers feel special is to give them access to pre-sale products. Such approach lets you to some extent study the demand for the items in the new collection. Additionally, it shows much you value your clients.

marketing campaigns

Make emails personalized

We recommend you to take use of the data mining process and make the email marketing campaigns you send to your customers personalized. Be it simply their name mentioned in the email or congratulations on some national holiday, clients would definitely value your individual approach.

Introduce points system

The practice of bonus points works really well not only for making your customers returning, but also for making your relationships stronger. With the increasing discount rate or bonus points that one can spend on some additional services, you make your customer involved in an easy game with real prizes. They would love to get something back for the purchases they make at your store and bonus points system works really well in this case.

Your turn

I hope that this article would help you to say thank you to your regular customers in at least 5 great ways. Share your tips in the comments!


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