Evolutionary Entrepreneurship – The Old vs. The New

Tracy Lee JonesThis month, at our networking event, we had great vendors and sponsors; we met fabulous men and women, experienced great connections and shared lots of useful information.

Our guest speaker was Tracy Lee Jones, founder of the Feminine Business Model.  We talked about self care, evolutionary entrepreneurship, and learned to create our own profit plan offering our products/services one-on-one, one to many, and in ‘sexy’ VIP days.

One of things she pointed out is that despite the name ‘Feminine Business Model,’ is that the Feminine Business model is very much for men also.  Here’s what she shared on the subject of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship — the old vs. the new.

Evolutionary Entrepreneurship

Old Model

  • Start with a goal
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Have/do/be
  • Force the outcome


  • Start with what you have (What do you know and love)
  • Fail forward – celebrate failure
  • 1+1=3 (Replace competition with collaboration)
  • Be/Do/Have
  • Go with the flow (Test, Tweak, Repeat)

Personally, I started with the old model – that’s mostly what’s in books and taught in classrooms. Fortunately after peeling back the layers in my personal life, including my analytical and perfectionist tendencies, I have adopted the new model.  I find it much more liberating.  It can actually be a lifestyle, not just for business or not just for your personal life – I’m finding you don’t have to separate the two.

How about you; which model are you using?

We are women/business women genuinely building community.  We’re bringing the online community offline and supporting each other in creating profitable, sustainable businesses and fabulous personal lives. Latifah Abdullah is the founder of Tibay International and the Tibay Trans4orm community.


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