Excellence is Not a Skill. Its an Attitude.



“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary”

A business is merely a collection of human beings as much as a play or theatre production is. They must fit together harmoniously to produce the best results possible.

I do not understand how a human being can get out of bed every day and NOT want to achieve and produce excellence in all they do, I mean what other option is there? Wake up and make the conscious decision to have an average day? That doesn’t work for me and neither should it for anyone else. We only live once, make the most of it!

Business at its best is an emotional, creative, vital, innovative, happy and entrepreneurial endeavour which elicits maximum human potential in the pursuit of excellence in service to others.

Do you want the opposite? Do you want an unemotional, stale, process driven, unsuccessful, unhappy business? No, why would you?! Business has to give people enriching and rewarding lives or its simply not worth doing!

If your business doesn’t act as a growth platform for all who work in it, from the receptionist with big dreams through to the highly skilled senior management team then you really shouldn’t do it.

In business, of course we all want to make a lot of money because if you make a lot of money, you can hire great people, you can try great ideas but the point is that if we want to provide excellent service levels to our customers, we must ensure that the people who work for us are successful human beings, in both personal growth terms and in their own achievements.

Human beings are the heartbeat of every single business endeavour, from the employees to the suppliers through to the customer and this is something which many overlook, especially when faced with the challenges of scale.

Hold on to your human element, no matter how successful you become as it differentiates success from excellence.

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