Exploring Your Comfort Zone

We just celebreated Halloween! When our kids get dressed up in their favorite super hero costumes or as a fairy tale princess. We hang witches on our doors and decorate with cobwebs to entice our little ghosts and goblins up to our doors for candy. We are careful not to be too scary for the little ones, but we like that little ping of excitement that being scared gives us adults.

It is a controlled scariness, right? You know what I mean, when we can be scared but know that nothing can hurt us. My kids always went to some type of Halloween haunted house. You know the ones like Busch Gardens has every year. It’s where adults can go and have the crap scared out of them with no worries about something bad happening.

Don’t you wish that we had that same feeling about real fear and scariness? What would it be like to be able to approach fear in the same way we approach Halloween fun? It seems that during Halloween we can step outside our comfort zone. Having someone jump out and scare the crap out of you in a haunted house is fine for that split second. But what if you were walking to your car and someone jumped out and grabbed you? Not the same type of comfort zone is it?

What about taking that leap of faith to do something you have always wanted to do? What if you approached fear and scariness in the same way you approached the unknown of a haunted house? Could you allow yourself to try things that take you out of your comfort zone? I know that Halloween scariness is not the same scariness we feel when we decide to open a business or go out on a date with someone new. Sometimes we can let fear paralyze us and keep us from doing things that we really want to do.

If you were to define what your comfort zone is…how would you do that? If you took the five areas of your life: career, family, personal, spiritual, social, and financial, and defined how you approached your comfort zones in each of these areas, how would you determine what your comfort zone is? In other words for your social life area, are you comfortable in meeting new people when you are in the company of others you know? But uncomfortable in meeting new people when you are in a place where you don’t know anyone?

Do you see how you can better understand your comfort zones? I used that example because it defines one of my comfort zones. I am perfectly comfortable meeting new people. I love to meet new people, but I get uncomfortable when you throw me in a room where I know no one. I do it because it is necessary for my business and the more that I do it the more comfortable it gets for me.

Okay let’s try another one. Let’s look at our comfort zone in our financial life area. You work a 9-5 job and you get a paycheck every week. This makes you comfortable, right? You know that your paycheck comes each week and it allows you to budget out your bills and spending. But what happens if you want to start your own business? There were weeks when I didn’t get a paycheck because I didn’t make any money. Is that something that takes you out of your comfort zone? Would you be able to be an entrepreneur and know that you might not get a paycheck?

Are you interested in learning where your comfort zone starts and ends? When you better understand those uncomfortable feelings of stepping outside of your comfort zone, you will be able to work through them and soon you will be pushing that zone out further and further.

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