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Whenever I take on a new client that needs help with promoting their brand through social media, particularly when it comes to Facebook, I almost always point them in the direction of the Oreo fan page to kick things off. I love what Oreo does on their Facebook page… they’ve got social media nailed, and businesses – small and large – can learn a thing or 12 from their example.

When it  comes to rocking your brand online, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. You find what works by trial and error, and as you know, growing an audience takes a lot of time and dedication! That being said, there are certainly ways for you to not reinvent the wheel by doing things flat out incorrectly from the beginning.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t need a giant budget to create social media magic for your brand. [Tweet this]

While Oreo has 27 million fans already, and surely has deep pockets to hire the best of the best marketers, you can do these things with little to no budget on your own, and it can still be fantastic. All of these tricks and tips we are about to dive into do not cost a dime, and you can begin implementing these strategies today.

Look at what Oreo does well, and how you can immediately incorporate these strategies into your plans for your own brand. 

Facebook Apps and Branding

First things first, appearance isn’t everything, but it certainly means a lot when it comes to your online presence. Oreo has slam-dunked (in milk) the amazingness that is the Facebook brand page. Their default photo, cover photo, and all app cover photos are perfectly branded and unified to make it look clean, professional, and fun (like it should be)!

For your brand, this is surprisingly easy to create! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on graphic design work, you can do this yourself if you’ve got a simple photo editing program (many computers come with some kind of editing software when you purchase them). To create your own photos, use these image sizes to create your perfect branding! 


Oreo has done an awesome job when it comes to the art of engagement with their audience. Their posts include open-ended questions, updates that incite commentary, invites to play their online games, opportunities to be featured in their cover photo… you get the idea. They love their fans, and their fans love them because they interact and give content that they know their audience wants!

Do this for your brand. Ask your audience questions! Reply to their responses. Like their pages. Say witty things! Delight your fans, and they’ll love you for it. [Tweet this]

Current events and relevance

Got a birthday coming up? If you’re a lucky winner, Oreo may feature your photo in their cover photo to wish you a happy birthday! How awesome is that? They feature their fans birthdays just to show how much they care about their fans, and it’s a notable gesture indeed, with as many likes, comments, and shares they generate.  And, it’s simple to change that cover photo, too, as frequently as they want to.

When it comes to current events, Oreo is right on top of them and has posts planned ahead with their graphics. Pirate Day last week? They had it covered. First day of Fall? Covered. Take a look:



Plan ahead around current events and holidays. Have some fun with it! Take some fun photos before an important day arrives. Come up with clever captions, and share with your fans on Facebook. See if people like and/or share! If not, you’ll know what you’re doing isn’t working or isn’t being seen. Try something differently until you get it right. [Tweet this]


A big problem with some brand pages is that they don’t know when to scale back on the posts. 4 or more posts per day on Facebook might be the most obnoxious thing on the planet, and you don’t want to be that brand. Oreo posts 1-2 times per day. This is perfect because they can do one in the AM and one in the PM without being annoying and losing their fans.

If you don’t know how often to post on your Facebook page, try a few times per week to get started. You’ll pick up on what your fans want, and you’ll be able to give it to them when you’re ready. If you’re posting too frequently, you’ll know because you’ll lose followers. If you’re not posting enough, you’ll know because people will forget about you. Find that happy medium and your audience will like you (pun intended on the ‘like’).

What brand pages do you look to as examples? Who do you admire on social media, and why? Discuss!

This post was originally published on www.jessiespielvogel.com by Jessie Spielvogel, Project Eve contributing editor.


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