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What we post on Facebook and other social network sites is our life…as we choose to show it. I choose to post cute pictures of the baby and my family, all smiles and happy. That’s not reality 90% of the time, but that’s how I choose to show it. I choose to post a picture of my husband working hard to paint the living room. Not the picture of his vans with white paint on the bottom because he stepped in the paint tray and threw the roller across the room. That’s an exaggeration…about the roller, not the paint tray.

90% of the time the baby is crying, the kids are grouchy, and I’m frazzled. Three seconds before I snap a picture of the kids I have to threaten them with life and limb to get smiles. Getting them all in one place at one time…well I won’t say what I have to do to make that happen. I don’t know if that is how other people live, but it sure is my reality.

Why would I want to post reality? Reality sucks. We live in reality day in and day out. If Facebook were called “Realitybook” we might see a whole different networking site. I have friends who complain that people only post good things. Well yeah. Who wants to see depressing reality? If we’re in the mood to be depressed we’ll go watch one of those thought provoking movies that always end bad (and by end bad I mean the good guy dies and the bad guy gets the girl) and make you mad you spent 15 bucks to watch reality. I don’t want to see that crap. I want to see the fairytale. I want to see the smiling, happy, Facebook version of life.

Is reality a fairytale? Nope. Reality is the frazzled mom, the grouchy kids and the screaming baby. But there is small moments in time that the fairytale lives. Moments in time that you capture, and post for all your friends and family to see. The moments you will look back on and smile. Not because of the cute picture you post, but the memory of what it took to get the all kids in one place at one time, with smiles on their faces (fake ones count).

The fairy tale is what gets us through reality. Let’s post to that.


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