Facebook’s News Feed Updates Should Change Your Marketing Strategy

facebookEarlier this month, Facebook announced a major change in how the public will view their News Feed moving forward.

During this announcement, Mark Zuckerberg shared how almost 50% of News Feed content today is photos and other visual content. Why is this relevant to you as a marketer? Facebook has completely changed the way your customers will see your content within the social network. You need to know what types of content will generate brand interaction.

The March 7th announcement and updated News Feed changes can be broken down into three major parts.

  1. Multiple Feed Options 
  2. Mobile Consistency and Experience
  3. Visually Engaging Stories

Breaking down each part of the update, you’ll start to see the intricacies within each element. For example, the multiple feed option will allow your customers to opt out of your status updates if they choose. This means that even if someone likes and follows your business page, they may never see your posts if they desire content solely about music or specifically from friends. Now more than ever, you need to identify and energize your brand advocates. If a fan chooses to only see updates from their friends, your content won’t display unless your fans are interacting and placing that content in their friends-only feed. Look at the data and determine what these advocates are most passionate about then go and create that content.

The next change to the News Feed is that Facebook will now display with the same interface across all platforms – mobile, tablet and the web. Finally! Before this release, something you published to your brand’s page might show up on the web great but when you look at it on your iPhone, it looked a little wonky. Now you’ll be assured that links, photos and videos all look the same.

Last but not least, we’re back to the focus on visually engaging stories. What exactly does this mean and how will it translate to your content strategy? For one, your brand’s timeline photo will be featured now more than ever. Previously when someone liked your page it showed up in their friend’s News Feed as just text. i.e. Gemma Cartwright likes Beyonce. Now, that text update is accompanied by a large and captivating photo. This means your brand’s timeline photo will need to tell potential fans exactly what you do. It will have the opportunity to influence many people; not just those that land on your page.
Change can be complicated but in this case, I think it will really make us, as marketers, strategize our content even more. Plus, in a couple of months we’ll all have forgotten what the old News Feed even looked like!


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