Fall Back in Love with Your Business

Fall in Love with Direct Sales

Being in Direct Sales can end up being a bit of a Love-Hate relationship! It’s easy to love everything about your business when things are humming along, but it can also be just as easy to hate it when the inevitable speed bumps pop up.

Doing a “Love Check” every-so-often helps to get the focus back on what we LOVE, even when things may not be going 100% smoothly.

Take a few minutes to consider what are some of your favorite things. Is it your products? Is it the flexibility? Is it the income? How about theprofessional connections you are making? The friendshipsTravelIncentives?

There is SO much to love about our industry! I find it interesting that many Direct Sellers join because of all of these great perks, but when someone asks “What do you do?”, they are hesitant to say, “I AM IN DIRECT SALES!”

Let’s all make a pact TODAY that we are going to spread the GOOD NEWS about being a Direct Seller. And I don’t just mean spreading the word about why someone should join your team or have a party with you, but rather why this INDUSTRY is so darned AMAZING!!!

How many people do you know that have used their business to fund a vacation, or have a cash-Christmas? How many single parents have been able to supplement their income through a business like yours? How many people have been able to put themselves through school because of this great “work-when-you-can” job. And how many have used skills learned through their business to boost a resume or move up into better positions in their “traditional” job?

This is a REAL JOB with REAL LIFE-ENHANCING benefits, and we all need to wear it PROUDLY! Just remember, *YOU* are one of the few that had the VISION to see the POSSIBILITIES and the ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE to SEE IT THROUGH!

Have you read this far, but you’re still thinking, “I know it’s a good thing, but I’m not sure I fully get it yet?”

Here’s a quick “Love Check” to help you seal the deal:

*Write down at least one tangible thing your business has brought into your life (something you’ve bought, won, or were given).

*Write down at least one intangible thing your business has brought into your life (friendship, peace of mind, flexibility, etc).

*Write down at least one great success story you’ve heard, maybe someone you know in the business or someone you’ve read about, and add as many details as you can (what were the struggles, victories, etc). (Feel free to check out MY STORY.)

*Write down at least one way your business has allowed you to help someone else (can be something you gave them, something you did, a feeling you passed along).

*Write down at least one positive feeling you have gained by doing your business (pride, happiness, joy, relief, etc).

There you have it! You have a list of at least five reasons of why this industry ROCKS! Be CONFIDENT in your chosen profession, LOVE what you do, and SHARE the news with everyone!

Kim Denne has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, and is still working in the field as a seller and a Sr. Team Mentor of a $1.2M team. Find more Direct Sales tips at her blog,www.FoodandHappinessbyKimDenne.com. She can also be found atwww.Pinterest.com/KimDenne, www.Facebook.com/KimDenneTS and on Twitter: @KimDenne.

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