Family Road Trip: Washington D.C. to Colonial Williamsburg

The family road trip. Love it or hate it, it’s part of the gig when you’re a parent. No matter where you go, there will likely be plenty of ups and downs and “are we there yets?” when travelling with the kids. If you’ve never hit the open road with the family, you may want to opt for a trip that’s not too long the first time out. At about five hours, you can try taking the family from Washington, D.C. to Colonial Williamsburg.

Family Road Trip: The Facts

If you’re looking at the trek from Washington, D.C. to Colonial Williamsburg, you need to be prepared for the 178 mile trip. It will take you through Arlington, Virginia, and Richmond until you reach Williamsburg. You’ll travel along I-95 south with the option of stopping at several historical places.

Family Road Trip: Seeing History

If you’re going to make the trip, there are several places you’ll want to stop. In Arlington, Virginia you can visit Arlington National Cemetery. Here you can pay tribute to veterans from the American Revolution all the way through to the Iraq war. Further down in Richmond you may want to stop at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum.

family road trip

This may depend on the ages of your kids. If they’re old enough this may be a cool place to see exhibits containing first editions of many of Poe’s writings. If you have little ones you may want to skip this stop.

Family Road Trip: Reaching your Destination

family road trip

Once you have arrived in Colonial Willamsburg you will find plenty of things to see and do. As with any trip, do your homework. This includes researching places to stay and eat. Once you know where you’ll be staying and for how many nights you can map out your itinerary. One of the things kids (and parents) of all ages may enjoy are the characters dressed from years ago that walk the streets. You can listen to Patrick Henry give his famous speech as well. If this isn’t enough of a walk down memory lane, why not visit some of the homes of the 18th century Williamsburg residents.

Once you’ve done enough walking and sightseeing, you can take a tour of the area by carriage ride. Depending on when you’re planning on visiting, you’ll also want to check out special events throughout the year. There are things like Drummers Call in May and Independence Day ceremonies in July.

Now it’s time to program the navigation (or grab the map), gas up and go!



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