FastTrac your way to entrepreneurial success with Alana Muller

Alana Muller is the president of Kaufman FastTrac, the nation’s leading provider of training to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, and she is a woman to take notes from. Alana spends her time not only teaching others to discover and build their entrepreneurial skill sets, but also maintaining her own entrepreneurial status, as well.

After many years gaining invaluable experience from the corporate world, including life as an investment banker and a 10-year position with Sprint, Alana knew that she was meant to strike out on her own.

While Alana did not found Kauffman FastTrac, she’s certainly been able to take it to the next level. Kauffman FastTrac is nearly 20 years old and was originally founded by a group of professors in California in the late 1980s. It all started because this group of individuals was very concerned about the unrest that they saw in the city of Los Angeles. With so much political turmoil, violence, crime, and poverty, they knew something needed to change.

“The situation was that all of these things were going on because of unemployment. They thought that if they could empower people to get back to work, then they could end this terrible cycle. They wanted to empower people to create their own jobs, and it started working.”

In Kansas City, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ewing Marion Kauffman, heard about this initiative and thought that the people of his city could use a program like this, as well. He scheduled a one-day event in January of 1993.

“The great story of this is that 1,300 people RSVP’d to attend. The night before the event, there was a blizzard.”

Mr. Kauffman was then informed that they were going to have to cancel his event, but Kauffman refused.

“He told them no way. If even one person shows up, it will be worth it…”

But one person didn’t show up. 900 of them did. This showed immediately that this program was necessary and that it was going to work.

“People were hungry for the info, and we needed to provide it.”

In 1994, the FastTrac program was taken to a nationwide level, and has since then trained 350,000 aspiring and established entrepreneurs to start and grow successful companies.

Alana joined Kauffman FastTrac as an independent consultant in February of 2010. Soon after, she was asked to join the company and stay on full-time.

“Our mission has remained the same for nearly two decades. We help entrepreneurs start and grow companies. We are committed and passionate about this mission.”

For anybody who takes FastTrac courses, they can expect one of these three successes:

1. The first scenario is that someone has a business idea or existing business, they decide to take the course, and they start their company. They may have previously had iterations for their company, but now is the time that they really throw their energy and efforts into making it successful. They start.

2. The second equally successful outcome is that they take the course, and they discover that their idea is not commercially viable, so they start a new company. 

3. The third successful outcome is that some people go through classes and discover that they are not entrepreneurs – this is a success because it saves them time, energy and heartache. They now have information at the ready that can help them become more intrapreneurial for another company, compared to entrepreneurial for their own.

For more information about how FastTrac programs can help you excel with your business or start one from scratch, check out their website. You can also connect with Alana Muller on Twitter for more business and entrepreneurial tricks and tips!


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