Fear and You: 5 Ways for Dealing With Fear



Every time you think about it, you feel queasy.   Hands get clammy.  The heart starts beating like a drum.

You cannot, for the life of you, imagine doing <supply your own dreaded to-do>.

Lemme guess.  You’re going after that big hairy audacious goal of yours right?

The one that’ll get you closer to your dream career or dream life?

Everybody has fears.  Let’s establish this from the get go.

Even the most successful person on earth had a fear (or two even) to deal with.

So, you’re feeling sick to your stomach about that thing you have to do?

Yeah!  Welcome to the club!  You’re normal.

What sets us apart from each other is our individual relationship with Mr. Fear.  

If fear were a ‘thing’, how would you interact with it?

Here are 5 ways people commonly deal with fear.   See if these resonate with you.

Fear is a rush.   You’re able to use fear like an adrenaline drug, propelling you forward.

Yeah!   You cannot wait to do that big scary thing that you’ve never done before.  When you talk about it, we can feel it.  We see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice.   So much so, even some of us now want to jump and do it ourselves.

You look at fear as something to avoid altogether.

When presented with option A or option B, you typically pick the one that presents the least likelihood of having to do that which you’re most afraid.

There’s always another way, a safer bet.  Why bang your head against the wall?

You do not acknowledge fear’s existence at all.

When people ask you if you’re afraid, you emphatically say NO.  There is no fear.

Your position:  If you don’t “name it”, it won’t get a grip on you.

You want to fix and get rid of your fear, so you analyze it.

You look to understand why you feel that way to begin with.  What is the root cause?  Where did it start?

Your goal is to understand your fear so that you can address it head-on and be rid of it once and for all.

You acknowledge the fear, and figure out a way to move forward despite of it.  Why?  Because it must be done.

You feel nauseated, extremely uncomfortable at times.   You keep at it, nonetheless.  Little by little.

You figure the more you keep doing whatever it is you’re afraid of, the lesser the impact fear will have on you.

Did you see yourself in any of these scenarios?  What other ways have you (or someone you know) dealt with fear?  Would love to hear your experience with fear in the comments section below.

(A similar version of this post first appeared at Second Breaks.)

Lou is the Founder and Chief Instigator at Second Breaks, a site dedicated to the pursuit of the re-imagined life and deliberate second acts.  Visit her at http://www.secondbreaks.com

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