Feature Interview with Sonaya Wiliams of Growth Protocol

Automate. Assign. Act.

These are the three dilemmas facing small business owners on a daily basis. With limited staff, or maybe no staff at all, where’s an owner to begin? How can they effectively manage their time and business processes so they can do what they truly want to do: spend time with family, go on vacation, play golf, you know, the good life that comes from making your own schedule and owning your own business.

Enter Sonaya Williams and her company, Growth Protocol. Not only does she help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs get organized, she saves them time and energy, while helping them provide a consistent customer experience to every client.

“When I meet with small business owners, we focus on how they operate their business today and how much time they truly want to spend in their business,” said Williams. “There are always areas that can be automated, such as using a software to help with billing; assigned, such as delegating a task like marketing to a virtual assistant or staff member; and then there are the action items that need done now, and strictly by the owner, such as staff training or business development.”

After understanding their needs, Williams gets to work on an action plan and defining systems for her clients, providing them with resources to get them back to focusing on what’s important, moving the company forward.            

Williams, a solopreneur herself, plus one virtual assistant, has been running Growth Protocol since the beginning of 2012. A fairly new venture for Williams, but one she’s been eager to do for many years.   

After receiving a B.S in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Global Business, Williams went on to work in corporate positions in Project Management, Web Design, Business Process Management and the IT Help Desk.

“I found my passion while working in Business Process Management,” said Williams. “This allowed me to put the pieces together and formulate the right business processes for my clients.”

Growth Protocol was built on the knowledge that Williams gained in her variety of positions, and realizing the similar issue that every small business owner seemed to struggle with: effective time management.

Williams has services on different levels, tailored to suit the diverse needs of any small business owner. From an initial assessment, to an intense three-hour long brainstorming session, to a long-term, ongoing relationship, Williams can provide it all.

She mainly works with small businesses that can really benefit from learning new time management skills, so they can take the time off they desire and keep a consistent cash flow.

She is getting out there to promote Growth Protocol by hosting Lunch and Learns, webinars, and speaking at local events about the business. She also provides a weekly newsletter to anyone who signs up on her website, offering articles, growth tips, sharing resources and outlining her ongoing promotions. She is active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and of course, is a member of Project Eve.

Williams resides in New Jersey and her hobbies include traveling, photography, and spending time with family and friends.

For more information on Growth Protocol, please visit www.growthprotocol.com or email Sonaya at [email protected]

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