Find What Works to Build Your Platform

Imagine five years from now when you have 10,000 Twitter subscribers and 50,000 blog subscribers. Each day when you log in to check your email, you have pages of eager requests for your attention. What will you have done to get yourself to that point?

Large followings don’t just happen, do they? I’ve been experimenting in April, and I want to share what things I’ve found to be the most helpful in building my platform and growing my audience.

  • Make Goals Having a goal in mind is not the same as having clear, written out goals. Something about putting your goals on paper (or monitor) cements your commitment. I find that the cork board next to my desk is a great place to pin my personal goals, so that when I feel particularly lazy, they are there to stare me down O_O .
  • Create a Schedule  Everyone is busy. Using the I have no time excuse doesn’t fly in the real world, so it shouldn’t fly in your virtual world, either. The truth is that if you want to be a writer in today’s world, you need to schedule time to write andtime to nurture your followers. Five minutes before lunch, ten minutes after. First thing in the morning, or just before bed. The point is if it’s important to you, you make the time.
  • Focus on What Works There are so many ways to connect with readers and writers on the web, how do you decide which one is best for you? I think the only way to know is to experiment. In April I’ve decided to tweet daily, and it’s been a true eye-opener. I started the month knowing next to no one, now I find myself checking my Twitter feed even when I don’t plan to, just to see who’s on. Which brings me to my final tip…
  • Avoid Too Many Distractions  Like anything else, Social Media and blog-reading can become huge time suckers. It’s easy to become too focused on Twitter or your RSS feed, but if you’re so busy posting/reading updates, when do you write? 
I hope one or more of these thoughts resonates with you. I’ve had a great month meeting new people, and I hope to keep the momentum up in May. Make sure to leave a message in the comments about what you’re doing to grow your following! And, follow me on Twittertoo :) .


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