Finding the Right Workout Routine

Right Workout RoutineRight Workout Routine:

Finding the right workout for you is essential to keeping at a regular workout routine. If you like a solitary workout, you will dread being in a group class. If you have never liked to swim dealing with chlorine and wet hair probably isn’t worth it. Your definition of the ‘right’ working might change with your body and your age. Jogging was one of my favorite workouts for years. Then I got pregnant and had a baby, and it stopped working for me. I needed help with my core strength it could never give me.

Using a service like ClassPass to try a whole bunch of different classes could be a great place to start if you know you want a class based Right Workout Routine and are truly up for anything. However, if you would like to take a more strategic approach, you might want to consider the following five factors for Right Workout Routine.

1. Location. A convenient location for a gym or workout studio is a must if you intend on making it a regular part of your life. Needing to travel hither and yon or contend with impossible parking will make it too easy to opt out. I remember maintaining a gym membership near where I used to work long after I changed jobs. Huge waste of money. Look at all the workout options that could conceivably be a part of a routine. Ditch the rest.

2. Inside vs. Outside. Remember that inside vs. outside is also a part of the right fit. A workout studio next door is worthless if you simply crave the outdoors. In that case running or biking to and from work might be the most convenient option.

3. Your Body. Consider what kind of workout your body responds to best. Do you need cardio? Strength training? Balance and flexibility? HIIT? All of the above? For several years, I focused on strength and flexibility training. It was great in getting my core strength back after pregnancy, but I could tell my body needed more. Adding in interval training did wonders for my cardiovascular health and helped me shrink a bit. As someone who is not naturally a super skinny I should have known I needed the extra calorie burn.

4. Social vs. Solitary. Do you crave a social situation or need to leave other people behind at work? If you fall into the social category, remember you need not feel like classes are your only option, running and cycling clubs can give you a social setting while fueling your desire to be outside.

5. Variety vs. Routine. Do you like running the same route to the same tunes? Working out at the same time of day? Or are you easily bored and find your mind wandering and intensity lagging amid a highly routinized workout. I once did a style of yoga that was the exact same 20-some asanas, in the exact same order, held for the exact same amount of time each workout. It was challenging. I gained strength, flexibility and balance just like I was supposed to, but I was mind-numbingly bored. I dreaded certain challenging sections, and I knew precisely when they were coming. I lasted six weeks and never went back. The HIIT workout I do now (Dailey Interval by the Daily Method) has a basic pattern and rhythm but it is a fit for me because the workout and music differ every time.

When I put all these factors together, I found something that fit with my schedule and what my body needed. What other factors do you consider when you are looking for a good workout?


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