Finding Balance Through Your Feminine Power

Michelle Powell_Hiscox bloggerUse your feminine power to get your business and life back on track.

As a woman and entrepreneur, I’ve been through the madness, failed attempts, unfulfilling launches and an overwhelming schedule. I’ve also experienced the joy from being a Boss Lady in flow. We either feel on top of the world or borderline depressed. Though this sounds like an exaggeration, I’m sure you can relate. Women entrepreneurs crave balance, which is an elusive and hot topic for those on a mission. I want to challenge you to switch your perspective on this issue and take a different approach than most would to achieving balance. Balance is about two simultaneous opposing energies working in sync together. A successful entrepreneur needs balance between the feminine and masculine energies on a consistent basis to feel fulfilled. Think of a teeter-totter on the playground. It’s an in-sync thrill that requires two different energies at the same time to work. You are an entrepreneur because you wanted to create a life of purpose and passion. If you feel run down or lifeless, this is your sign to slow down and come back into your feminine power.

Masculine qualities are those of action, doing, completing and securing. Feminine qualities represent feeling, receiving, being, accepting and nurturing. We are born and built a woman so naturally our power comes in the feminine form. When we are aligned with our feminine essence, we are able to offer Creating blocks of uninterrupted time to get things done each day is an important strategyincredible value to the world. When we live too much in the masculine energy, things start to unravel. Finding the harmony between masculine and feminine energies allows us to gracefully handle long to-do lists, family activities, weekly business meetings, errands and the all night planning sessions. It keeps us from feeling drained, anxious, feeling overwhelmed or needing to escape and go all Eat-Pray-Love on everyone. Time management, organization and proper planning are essential for small business owners, but not at the cost of you.

So what IS missing and what does it mean to step into our feminine power? Here are a few examples:

  • Too much on your plate and not enough ‘me’ time? Make sure to connect with your body, be still, receive love and nourish yourself.
  • Are you lacking clarity around something? Give more love, nurture desires of yourself and/or the desires of others, grow an idea into something tangible or fully feel into decisions.
  • Not sure how to focus or where to start? Go inside yourself and listen to your intuition. Your body usually knows the answer. Close your eyes and think about a situation you need help around and feel if your body is expansive or constrictive. Are you getting a happy feeling, smile across your face, relaxed sensation or a taller stance? If so, that is your YES. Are you literally feeling constricted, a hunching over of your shoulders or do your brows get closer together? Then your answer is NO. Go with your gut feeling.

Another approach to balancing your energy is to make a two-column list of what is working and what is not working in your life. Get specific. This will give you a clear layout of the masculine and feminine energies that are happening. First, notice what’s working, what your strengths are or what’s easy for you to keep up. Second, in the ‘what’s not working’ column, jot down an opposing action, belief or new affirmation of what you’re good at. For example, if you are good at scheduling your days, but bad at taking time out for you, schedule in time for re-fueling each day. This could be a two-minute deep breathing session after Monday’s meeting, a massage on Wednesday during lunch, reading time from 8:30-9:00pm each night or early morning workouts three days a week. Here, you are building a new habit by utilizing what you’re good at: scheduling.

To recap, start to notice where the imbalance of energies is coming from in your life. Then ask yourself, “How can I implement more of my feminine mojo so that my success and power work life balanceflow effortlessly?”

When we bring our awareness back to what our body and mind really need through feminine techniques, our energy is turned into power. We are able to get more done in less time. We can think clearly and rest assured that we are living in alignment with our true purpose and passion as women in business. We become leaders in our own right. This is what I believe in and strive to help women cultivate on a daily basis.

Michelle Powell is the owner of Some Like It Organized, a holistic, Feng Sui based organizing company that empowers its clients to create space and harmony in their lives. If you’re interested in going deeper with an Energy Alignment Coaching Session, visit or email Michelle at [email protected]. Connect with Some Like It Organized on:   InstagramTwitter | Facebook | YouTube


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