Finding Balance – Trying Out 8 Ways to Beat Fatigue

Health Wellbeing Stress Relief P G EverydayI’ve found myself burning the candle at both ends far too much lately. With a startup and a young child this isn’t a very unique problem, it isn’t even that unusual for me. Periodically there are issues that come up, a fever or a site migration or relaunch and sleepless nights  goes with the territory. However, lately  after I can safely put those acute moments behind me some of the bad habits are sticking around. Its probably not necessary to drink a whole pot coffee (yes, it does happen) on days when I’m not in zero sleep crisis mode. In fact I’m 99% sure hanging onto my bad caffeine habit is making zero too little sleep a vicious cycle. I don’t want to ditch Juan Valedez completely (we are approaching our silver anniversary!) but we may need to see other people while I find ways to get energy throughout the day that won’t ruin my sleep that night.

Trying Out 8 Ways to Beat Fatigue

I’ve been meaning to tackle this issue for a while so when the opportunity to checkout a new lifestyle site came up I jumped at the chance to kill two 8 Great Ways to Beat Fatigue – P G everyday Health Wellbeing P G Everydaybirds with one stone. On P&G Everyday in addition to content and resources on beauty, family, food, health, home and more – all alongside great offers from the innovative and trusted brands you love, I found a whole slew of articles to tackle my lack of energy, lack of sleep, extreme caffeine consumption issue. I found one article 8 Great Ways to Beat Fatigue that really resonated. I decided to see if I followed all eight tips what might happen.

One obvious tip was passing up on caffeine after noon. Tricky. I had to make a little modification to this one and picked 3pm. Adding in more water was also something I had heard before but I actually made an effort to incorporate it. It also worked surprisingly well in tandem with cutting down on caffeine; after I had my first morning cup of coffee I started alternating water and  coffee and found I was less thirsty. Wow! I know hardly groundbreaking that drinking water makes you less thirsty but it really did seem to perk up my energy level too.  My favorite tip was adding in a warm bath before bed:  the cool San Francisco evenings here make that a great luxury. This worked so well I actually found myself falling asleep while tucking my son into bed. The tip for getting more comfortable in bed prompted me to get a new pair of summer p.j.’s made of a lovely soft voile. Super comfy. The least obvious tip was incorporating more iron into my diet. Fortunately the site had a slew of great recipes and tips for the kitchen so that worked out rather well too!

So, how did I do? It was a tough week requiring several late nights but I’ve been able to bounce back better and get to sleep faster. When I have had Health Wellbeing Stress Relief 2some extra time I’ve found myself checking out all sorts of fun articles on P&Geveryday and even got some great lunch ideas  to pack for my son!



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