Startup Stories: Finding Success in Building Brands by Storytelling

Lisa Tilt, President of Full Tilt Consulting

Tell us about your product or service.
We are a brand development and content strategy company. Essentially, our purpose is to help companies take a close look at who they are, who they’re talking to and what sets them apart from others in their industry, then utilize our expertise to communicate their ideas in interesting ways.

The media is typically recognized as the developer of content, but any company today can be a content publisher because of the direct access we have to others via various social channels. At Full Tilt, we use these channels to establish a thought leadership presence and connect with our client’s various audiences. Our method involves crafting messages that aren’t too salesy or self-promotional, but include a call to action, is balanced and interesting, and attracts interest.

What inspired you to launch your business?
Two key factors inspired me to launch my own business. First, my background is in traditional public relations and, separately, a brand development. I noticed over the years how sometimes there was a disconnect between the two and how brands were communicating with their audiences. I thought there was a different way to get noticed, especially for smaller organizations – a way that was a little home grown, very tailored and specific to each client, but still encompassed the bigger brand picture. The clients we are able to work with are top-level professionals who are truly invested in creating a brand presence that resonates and matters.

In addition, the growing need for flexibility as I started a family encouraged me to branch out on my own. My plan was to get my business up and running before I had children so that when I did, I was able to be there for the important times and not miss the little things. Without that flexibility I know I would have been torn in too many directions, not being able to excel at everything I wanted to. Seven years later, I love how everything just fits together.

What problem does your business or organization solve?
We solve the problems of commoditized services and anonymity. Our work and expertise is based on helping an organization define their voice in a crowded space, learn to communicate what makes them special, and to understand how their craft can stand out within their industry. This, combined with all the work our clients have put into building their companies matters – it’s how a brand tells its story. Then, we work to get out those messages to as many people as we can, serving as storytellers and advocating our client’s brand.

What has been your biggest challenge and how are you working to overcome it?
Determining how to grow my firm the right way has been both a learning experience and a delight. As an entrepreneur, you often don’t know what you’re getting into, how clients will come along or how long they’re going to stay with you. Gauging when to bring in staff and what that looks like has been an interesting challenge. Should they be contractors or full-time staff? Do you bring them in ahead of time to help you build business, or after the business is secured? Things like that. But, I’ve found that following my gut, really knowing my clients and their every move, and understanding my staff and to what capacity they can be driven all helps determine my growth strategy. It’s all about trail, error and learning as you grow.

Give us one word that people might use to describe you.
As I write for my own business, as well as a handful of clients, I am described as and trusted to be innovative. A huge part of my business philosophy is built on the belief of the non-cookie cutter approach. Clients rely on me to help them find and shape their own unique voice, and then apply it to meet their specific needs. With each company we work with, we put aside our own writing styles and write with the purpose of branding our clients’ messages, expertise and thought-leadership. Whether ghost writing a client book, blog, website copy or social media post, innovation, originality and the ability to start each piece with a fresh outlook is essential – and something we have successfully mastered.

How has Project Eve helped you and/or your business?
We write and post on our company blog with the purpose of helping others and sharing ideas. As we’ve seen great success implementing these methods within our clients’ organizations, we believe in the importance of sharing smart, insightful information that can help other businesses grow in a way that best makes sense for them. Project Eve has allowed Full Tilt to stretch its own content legs. There are so many topics that we are able to discuss with our clients that may benefit them, but through Project Eve we are now able to provide our insight into the realm of branding and content development to all types of professionals, companies and industries.

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry.
Organizations have personalities and how we connect with them parallels our human interactions. Is our association with the company fulfilling? Does it inspire new thinking and doing? Do we enjoy our experiences? Storytelling inspires this kind of relationship. Keeping your content simple, interesting and relatable will allow your brand to have personality. Ditch the sales pitch and learn the art of storytelling.

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