Finding Time to Enjoy the Holidays

During the holiday season, it seems I’m always in the kitchen. Whether I’m roasting a turkey, up to my elbows in stuffing, or whisking some delicious cream for the top of my pumpkin pie, I always seem to be busy. Unfortunately, from time to time that leaves my kids on their own when it comes to watching the holiday classics. I love knowing there are wonderful, wholesome, and family friendly movies available for them to enjoy while I finish up the holiday feast.

A woman working on organic homemade Christmas cookies, decorating and sprinkling decorations on green icing.Not only does the holiday season mean more distractions during the day, but it means more memories as well. As we trim the tree, hang the stockings, or just sit around the fireplace roasting marshmallows, we almost always have a Christmas movie or television show in the background. Growing up, I remember the classics and how they really shaped how I viewed the holiday season. However, as a working mom I’m always on the go. I don’t always get the opportunity to sit down and watch a movie with my kids the way my mom did. Sometimes I’m juggling a dozen other things. That’s why I love having XFINITY X1.

XFINITY X1 Lets Me Go Hands-Free During the Holidays

When I’m trying to get everything prepared for the upcoming holiday celebration, the last A young girl decorating Christmas cookies with icing.thing I want to do it try to make my way back to the living room to switch channels. My kids love having their movies on, but not everything is appropriate or holiday related. When I’m in creating a holiday feast, having X1 Voice Remote is a lifesaver.

The X1 Voice Remote lets me use my voice to search for my favorite holiday movies and even change the channel. That means no more washing hands or rinsing off flour to run in the next room. With the X1 Voice Remote, I can search for holiday specials, see which ones we’ve watched and jump to that day’s selection all hands-free. My voice also lets me surf channels, find new shows and movies using keywords, or reference another movie to find similar titles and themes. Not only that, but the X1 can give me recommendations based on my viewing history. I love that I can give them my favorite actor, channel, or movie theme and it will find exactly what I want. During the holidays, “Christmas movies” is my most searched phrase!

XFINITY X1 Makes the Holidays Easier


Holiday Movies with X1

Aside from the X1 Voice Remote, XFINITY X1 knows what it means to spend time with the family during the holidays. From helping me create playlists for the season to giving my family a new tradition when it comes to the Christmas classics, we love using X1 for our holiday traditions. Not only does the voice remote and the X1 make my life easier during the busy season, it also let me share the memories we’re making with my family. I love sending snippets and pictures to my family and friends through the share app. XFINITY X1 Voice Remote and program has definitely become my go-to for busy holiday activities and preparations.

Make sure you stop by a Comcast store near you and ask for a quick demonstration of the X1.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of XFINITY. The opinions and text are all mine.


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