New Moms: Finding Time to Exercise



Whether you have one child or three, finding time for yourself seems to be one of the biggest challenges of motherhood. That can especially be true when it comes to finding the time to exercise. We all know how important exercise is, but we somehow manage to put it at the bottom of our “to do list”.


No need to freak out, there are ways to fit it all in.


Feel the Morning Burn


Many gyms open extremely early, so why not take advantage and become an early bird? With two kids and a husband with a demanding schedule, this is how I find the time to exercise. It may be tough to set the alarm for the crack of dawn, but you will feel better in the end. There is something rewarding about knowing you’ve completed a workout when everyone else is still snoring away.


Nap Time = Exercise Time


If you have a little one who still naps, why not do an exercise video or lift some free weights at home? This is a great way for new moms to exercise without worrying about a babysitter. There are many routines you can download if you’re stumped for ideas.


Mommy & Me Classes


If childcare is an issue, then why not bring baby along. There are many places that offer mommy and me classes. Check your local park rec department as well as doctor’s office for ideas. This is also a great way to bond with your little one.


Use Gym Childcare


Besides finding the time to exercise, many moms say they can’t exercise because there’s no one to watch the little ones. Many gyms offer childcare for a fee. Check out the facility first. If you’re comfortable with leaving your child while you run a few miles on the treadmill, then do it.


Lunch Hour Workout


If you’re a working mom who can’t fathom how you can find time to exercise, how about maximizing your lunch hour? If the weather is nice, try going for a power walk. If you’re lucky enough to have a gym nearby, why not run out and do a quick workout? It’s all about being creative with your time!


Split Workout


“I don’t have one whole hour to exercise!” I’ve said that before, so the chances are you have too. You can always split up your workout. Many out there in the exercise world actually say this could be better for you. This is always a great option if you’re racing against the clock all the time. Remember, it’s all about quality of the workout!


Multi-task Workout


You desperately want to watch TV that doesn’t include Big Bird or Elmo and workout too, but can’t seem to find the time to both. Why not do them simultaneously? Watch your show, lift some weights or do some crunches at the same time. You can also sneak-in some push-ups or tricep dips. Being a mom is all about multi-tasking!


Make exercise a priority and stick to a schedule. Don’t get down on yourself if you miss a few workouts. Keep trying and stay motivated. The results will make it all worth it.



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