Finishing the 4th Quarter Strong

So you’ve made it. The first three quarters of the year are behind you and you could not be happier.  You got through the winter blues, spring came and went, and you and your co-workers are finishing up summer vacations.  Now it is time to get back to business.  Instead of waiting until January 1st to make resolutions and reflect on the past year; why not start now? The beginning of the 4th quarter is a great time to reset goals, look back on the previous nine months and prepare yourself to end the year on top.  Here are three savvy tips for finishing the 4thquarter strong.


Reflect – This is the perfect time to look back on all you have accomplished over the last nine months.  Did you meet the goals you set during your last review?  Did you work on a new project or gain new skills?  Take a moment and look back at what you’ve done at work and where are you in the process of accomplishing the goals you set.  This may mean a pat on the back for a job well done, or you may notice it’s time to buckle down and get back on track.  Reflect on this past year and digest everything you’ve been through.  Savvy girl tip -This time of reflection is also a prime opportunity to refresh your resume and add all the great things you’ve done.


Prepare – You know it’s coming; it’s the same time every year.  Performance evaluations!  You and your boss will sit down and talk about what you did right, what you can improve on, and make new goals for the following year.  In a perfect world it’s a smooth process.  In reality, not so much.  However, this year will be different because you will take some control over the situation and come to the meeting prepared. Since you have already reviewed your accomplishments and where you are to your goals, then you should go into the meeting ready to talk about it all.  Don’t take for granted that your manager will remember your biggest sale or all of the customer compliments you received.  However, you should remember and be ready to discuss this year’s victories.  On the other hand, if you fell short in a couple of areas, be prepared to talk about that too and how you are going to achieve those goals in the future. Savvy girl tip – Be able to talk about your role from your manager’s point of view.  Discuss where you see yourself in the department and the organization overall.


Kill It – You still have three months.  Now is the perfect time to step it up and go into overdrive.  If you have goals that you have not met yet, it’s not too late.  Work harder to get to the finish line in the next three months.  This is also a good time to set new goals, take on new projects, and exceed expectations.  There are a lot of people who slowdown in the fourth quarter; we have a ton of holidays and the weather gets colder. This is a good opportunity for you to be the go-getter you are, and excel at work. Savvy girl tip – Save your vacation time and show up when everyone else is out.  Use the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to come in the office and prepare for the first quarter when everyone else is vacationing.


Don’t think of the 4th quarter as the beginning of the end of the year.  This is a great time to refocus yourself and end the year strong.  Taking time to reflect on the first three quarters of the year is a good start to a solid fourth quarter. Preparing to have performance discussions with your manager gives you a little more control over the evaluation process.  Lastly, shining like the star that you are in the last three months cannot be undervalued.  By working hard and ending the year strong you are certain to exemplify your value.

This post was originally featured on Success in The Career Jungle.

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