First Mother’s Day – 10 Unique Gifts for New Mom

The first ever Mother’s Day in a woman’s life is a pretty big deal. She might still be adjusting to her new title, and dedicating a whole day to celebrate her transition into motherhood is quite critical. As a newborn is not old enough to choose a gift for his/her mother, family members or significant others might have to do the work of choosing a Mother’s Day gift for the newborns to give. Fortunately, any individual who is in the market for some unique ideas for gifts from the newborn baby to the newly crowned mother will not have to search too hard, since there are no lack of unique gift ideas for the new mother in your life that are a bit more unique than just breakfast in bed, though she would not complain if she got breakfast in bed since she will be busy managing a lot with the newborn.

It doesn’t matter whether the new mother has had the baby last week or last year, the feeling of appreciation is one of the best gifts that can be given to her. Fortunately, most moms are not that hard to please when it comes to receiving personalized mother’s day gifts which feature her new baby. Some of the few unique ideas for gifts for her first Mother’s Day.

1) Customized Art


This beautiful minimalistic and adorable print will make a lovely gift for the new mother, and she will love looking at it all the year around. The print for the art is the best part – it can be anything you can choose. A great idea can be the actual footprint of the baby when he/she was born along with some lines of text you choose and the font in which the text can be printed in.

2) Wine Labels


During pregnancy, a woman is not allowed to drink wine as it might hurt the baby. So, it cannot come as a surprise to you that she might miss wine. So, you can slap some of the personalized wine labels on to the bottles so that she can celebrate some milestones like ‘Goodbye baby weight’, ‘Baby slept through the night’, ‘First mommy meltdown’, etc. not only will she have a laugh when she is having a stressful day, it will also give her the strength to soldier on through the stressful moments she will be facing in the near future.

3) Personalized Memory Book

Personalized-Memory-Book Scrapbooking is a thing of the past. Give the new mother a memory book. This is just like a scrapbook with the difference being that it is filled with pictures of moments which the mother enjoyed for the first time. This diary is perfect for the super busy mother who only just has a few moments to sit down and reflect. From jotting down funny moments, and tracking milestones, to quoting an interesting idea or writing down a quote, the new mother will just love recording snippets of her day so that she can look back later on, and smile.

4) Customized Sleep Mask


A rare pleasure that a new mother gets to enjoy is sleep. So, on this Mother’s Day, the best thing that you can give the new mother is the gift of sleep. To ensure that she gets the best snooze ever, you can give her a customized sleep mask to enjoy her sleep. There are numerous designs you can choose from and you will be able to find one which matches with her taste and personality. She will love to know that you care regarding how much rest she is enjoying.

5) Monogrammed Tote Bag


There are numerous designs for monogrammed tote bags out there. But, the best monogrammed tote bags for a new mother would the adorable canvas tote bags which have a positive message. The new mother would like to roam around the park with her few months old baby, and this tote bag will be perfect tag along. The bag can carry miscellaneous baby supplies, makeup, sunglasses, water, and various other items for her use. Before you know it, this tote bag will become an everyday object in her wardrobe.

6) Personalized Birth Year Box


A new mother or any mother, for that matter, love storing physical mementos from her baby’s first year within a keepsake box. This personalized birth year box can be a simple wooden box customized according to her tastes and preferences. It can also be based on something that happened on the year she became a new mother, like a Chinese New Year Animal printed on the box. The box can be felt lined inside and she can store the baby’s first ultrasound, her first photograph, a lock of hair from his/her first haircut, his/her first pair of shoes, favorite toy, etc.

7) Birthstone Charm Bracelet


A bracelet is a classic gift for any event. A beautiful and sentimental accessory for any mother can be a simple charm bracelet. This bracelet can contain the birth stone of the mother, the baby, and the father too. It can also have the baby’s name and the stones can be arranged in the letters of the name. She also has the option to add more stones to the bracelet as the family expands.

8) Customized First Year Blanket


Countless precious milestones and memories are naturally brought forward when a woman steps forward in the shoes of a new mother. You can print out all the beautiful memories and milestones on a blanket, and give it to her as a mother’s day gift. You can help her display the blanket in the nursery and she will treasure it forever.

9) Personalized book


Book is always known to be the best friend for those who loves to read. What makes a better gift for the new mother, other than a personalized book which caters the topic like baby care, post motherhood health check up etc. Personalized book would be a perfect gift, through which she can update her knowledge and engage herself in spare time.

10) Personalized Mason Jar


A personalized mason jar is not a great mother’s day gift idea but it can be a good one. A new mother would love to store some food items for the new baby in this personalized mason jar like candies, soft chew toys, etc. The jar can be personalized to have the baby and mother’s name etched into the glass in any color and font of the mother’s choice.

So, as you can see, there are numerous unique gift ideas for the first time mother. You can purchase personalized gifts online from various online stores. What you need remember is that this is her first mother’s day quite an emotional time for her. So, get her something she will cherish and love.


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