How to Keep Your Focus


It’s a wonderful thing to have focus.  When we single task and dedicate ourselves body and soul to one thing then we have it and we master it.  Focus becomes a part of us and suddenly we shine.  It’s beautiful.  It’s serene and when we have it so are we.  So why is it so difficult to master?  When I am engaged in task after task I like many others lose focus -it means that I lose a part of myself to the goals and the to-do lists as opposed to be myself and work through the tasks with ease.  The goals and to-dos become all encompassing and so our creativity and talents dim down in the business.  It’s a bit like a light going out.

It’s possible to keep focus during busy times however it’s just important to try and find out why you are so distracted, worried and stressed.  I find that this comes about whenever we are too focused on goals – a fixed set of outcomes must come about for us to suddenly calm down and become more ourselves again.  The best way to overcome this is to see that we don’t need to complete a task to find peace and tranquility – yes ticking the mental ‘to-do’ box does help but it isn’t necessary as we will always have things to do and we will always get them done, so why not do them with this element of peace and tranquility?

Meditating daily does help, I’ve found that when I break the habit so does my ability to work without nervous energy, in terms of flying through the tasks and getting a visual picture of where I am productivity software such as Trello helps me and it’s only when I use it efficiently for each task which must be done across my week do I begin to find that sense of calm (so go without and I’m anxious, stressed and occasionally angry).  One of the best ways to maintain focus is to know and outline what you have to do no matter how heavy your workload is ensure you keep up with your regular routine as allowing the workload to disrupt this can really set you back – so if you meditate and practise Yoga every morning keep up with this routine despite your busy timetable.

Being busy is something we can’t always escape – yes it’s possible to reduce your commitments to only what’s necessary but sometimes there will still be a lot which must be taken care of, so instead aim to maintain focus throughout your routine and bring yourself back to its importance – the rest simply falls into place.

Laura O’Hanlon is the creator of the blogs Living Minimalist and Sweeter Business, she is the author of the Amazing Nine to Five and blogs daily on health and wellbeing, simple living and women in business.

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