Footprints in your heart

A wise woman named Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Although I have not read this quote for many years, I thought of it this morning as I tried to put to paper my incredible respect for a woman who I am also proud to call a friend. She is many things – proud wife, skilled executive, and frugal shopaholic. Above all things, she is an ethical person who has a heart of gold.

Did I also mention she used to be a Vice-President in a company where I used to work? She was my ‘VP’ for many years and I have since found out were that these were the most challenging and fulfilling years of my career. She was the best of leaders and I am proud to consider her a friend. She pushed us to be better, helped us when we needed a hand and I never once felt that she did not have my back.

She recently asked for some support with her new business venture, which is allowing her to merge her ‘do-good’ principles with her love of fashion. In what little spare time she has, Robyn has started CalChique, an online store that sells vintage jewelry and accessories. However, what she does with the revenues is unique and inspiring! Through an organization called Kiva, she gives micro-finance loans to female entrepreneurs all around the world! Since starting in early May, she has been able to provide loans to over 20 women in such counties as Sierra Leone, Jordan, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

She is doing such wonderful things that the California Diversity Council recognized her as one of the most powerful and influential women.

Visit Calchique’s Facebook page to learn more.

Wouldn’t you want to be a do-good fashionista? Although I am not a big fan of jewelry, I am proud of helping with an initiative that carries so many positive benefits.

Buying jewelry that then becomes a $25 loan is help women like Jenneh from Sierra Leone improve her life and the lives of those around her is such an amazing way to help reduce poverty! Jenneh needed funding for her textile business and has already started repaying her loan.

Sustainable fashion for a sustainable planet

Buying vintage jewelry from stores like CalChique, which reuses existing materials (some of which are better made than anything you can purchase today!) carries a very positive impact on the environment. Ours is a disposable world, where people can buy new televisions or smartphones for less than it costs to fix them. There is a social good to buying vintage items, like jewelry, that far surpasses the beauty in the items. On top of that, it’s ‘très chic’!

‘Doing good’ makes others want to be more like you

Launching such a worthy initiative shows others, like me, that we all have it in us to help those that need a hand. So often we push these ‘duties’ to someone else, saying we are too busy, too poor or simply cannot trust where to send our money. One of the things that I have learned from Robyn’s new business venture is that no level of support is too small. It is our duty to do what we can for those trying so hard to make their lives better.

So today, I would ask that you please visit CalChique and Kiva and leave your footprints on someone’s heart! Buy jewelry or fund a micro-loan. Take action to do good. You will never know the impact you can make if you never try. And hey, if you get a lovely pair of earrings out of it or the warm glow of knowing you helped someone succeed, so much the better!

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