For Career Equality, Stay-At-Home Moms Should Go Into HR

If you’ve left the workforce for any length of time to raise a family, making the choice to return to your career isn’t always easy. As a parent, you’ll have a million and one concerns about how your family will fare without you around to see to their needs, or about how you’ll adjust to a whole new work environment. Unfortunately, those concerns may be the least of your problems.

stay at home moms in HR

According to recent research, there’s a definite bias against mothers who are trying to re-enter the workforce, which often makes it difficult to even land an interview, much less a new job. It’s a reality that modern women face, and one to which there’s no obvious solution – except one. If we want to reverse this unfair trend, there’s one specific job that mothers everywhere should start to train for – human resources manager.

Become the Gatekeeper

In most companies, the person most directly responsible for sorting through the qualified applicants for open positions within the organization is the company’s human resources manager. That means that they’re also the person with the most direct control over which applicants have the best chances of getting an interview and getting hired at their company. Although it would be unfair to say that the measurable bias against stay-at-home moms is a result of some conscious choice on the part of the people in those positions, they’re still the professionals best situated to help level the playing field.

A Perfect Fit

Mothers who choose to enter the human resources field should already have some valuable skills that will help them to thrive. After all, managing employees is usually nowhere near as challenging as managing a family (especially since employees are paid to listen to you). In fact, labor analytics firm Burning Glass lists a number of “mom skills” among their top ten soft skills employers look for in their HR staff. Chiefly among them are communication skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. As any mom can tell you, their household would implode if they had lacked any of these abilities.

Training For Your Future

As readers of this site already know, there are plenty of convenient and inexpensive online options to train for a new career. For those looking to begin a career in human resources, there are a plethora of online courses that will get you onto the path of success. E-learning portals like Coursera are an excellent place to start for some valuable introductory HR courses, which will provide a good basis for those looking to earn a bachelor’s degree in human resources. It’s also easier than ever to supercharge your new career by earning a master of human resources management degree without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Throw Open The Gates

There are mothers everywhere that have valuable skills and who would be an asset to any employer. They shouldn’t have to find their careers permanently damaged just because they’ve chosen to prioritize their families at some point in their professional lives. That is the reality of today’s job market, though. If we want that to change, it’s high time that mothers work their way into the positions that will ease the path for those that come after them. It’s the only way to make sure that systemic bias against stay-at-home moms will become a relic of an unhappy past.


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