For years my mom has been saying she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. Not helpful. After grumbling about that answer, I sussed out what she actually means when she says that. She doesn’t want or need more “stuff.”  She has enough beautiful objects to fill her home and accessories for her closet. Okay got it. I get that. I would like less clutter in my life too.  An awesome adventure or class so would be much more memorable than another mug or bathrobe.  I’ve been searching around for wonderful experiences I can offer her (and ideas to give my own family) that go beyond the standard Mother’s Day brunch or pedicure. As luck would have it the folks at IfOnly contacted Project Eve Mom’s to try out their service. Perfect! The array of experiences fit a huge variety of interests: private cooking classes, sunset seaplane rides, hikes, meals catered by famous chefs, weekend getaways, kayaking, behind the scenes at zoos and chocolate factories! Each of these fantastic experiences also benefits a charitable cause.

2016-04-21 03.17.06

In addition to offering our audience a $50 discount on their IfOnly experience with the code: PROJECTEVE, the folks at IfOnly let me try out one of their experiences yesterday. I was super tempted by the personalized workouts and kayaking under the Golden Gate Bridge but I also love to cook and so does my mom so I decided I should try a culinary adventure. I selected farmers market followed by a lesson on pickling the amazing produce we picked up. Kelly McVicker the founder of McVicker Pickles was my guide and pickling guru for the day.

Kelly and I linked up on a gorgeous fog free San Francisco morning. While we took a look at the awesome array of produce options she gave me a ton of pointers on what to look for in when selecting produce to pickle. Surprisingly, for great pickles, the produce you select this can differ from the produce you might want to saute or roast.


2016-04-21 00.57.33

2016-04-21 00.56.28

2016-04-21 00.50.36

After selecting an array of options to pickle and can we headed back to Kelly’s kitchen so she could teach me the ins and outs of pickling, canning and fermenting. While I was there she gave me some samples of McVicker Pickles. Wow! Worth the trip alone to get a taste of her smokey pickled Asparagus. It would be perfect in a Bloody Mary! However, I needed to focus on chopping, spice selection, packing my jars and the difference between refrigerator pickles and processed ones.

2016-04-21 01.47.01

2016-04-21 01.48.16
2016-04-21 03.08.342016-04-21 03.57.45By afternoon we had made four different kinds of pickles and I learned three different ways to process them. Luckily, I also ended up with handout and some recipes to refer to when I go it alone with pickling. I can’t wait to try my pickles with my mom and sign us up for a culinary experience to do together. So many great options to choose from: truffle making, cheese tasting, osyter and wine pairing.

When you look for your own awesome experience, or one to give to mom, with IfOnly remember to use the code: PROJECTEVE to save $50! If you are interested in becoming an IfOnly luminary with an experience or lesson to share while helping to give back click here to learn more. To advance your application to become an experience leader just use code PROJECTEVE there too! Let’s all get out there and enjoy our #Experiencesforgood!



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