Four Great Backlink Strategies for 2015

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Backlinks make the web go round and getting great back links can take a lot of time and effort. However, there are plenty of ways to make your efforts a lot more efficient and ensure you get more than your share of deserved links.

We’ve compiled a number of great and slightly different ways those looking to improve their backlink profiles can do so. So, check out this list of innovative strategies.

Direct Mail and Special Deliveries

One great way to get blogger’s or webmaster’s attention is to send them a piece of mail or a delivery in postal form. Esteemed SEO and link builder Eric Ward has discussed how he has succeeded by sending webmasters outreach in the form of mail via delivery services such as Whistl and FedEx and claims that it has a very high rate of success. It’s understandable why. It takes a lot more effort to write a letter and then send it via special delivery to someone and in addition, it’s also a lot more noticeable than doing so by other means.

Email Outreach

Yes, we’re all sick to death of the usual generic outreach emails, however it doesn’t have to be like this and there are certainly ways that email outreach well for. The main thing is to be non-abrasive and to come across as someone who’s going to offer value to the blog owner. Too many emails for outreach are a hard sell. To be honest, people can take a lot from the way email marketers work and this piece on why people delete emails is a very good one and hits the nail on the head. Those who perform blogger outreach can learn plenty from these tips and if they put them to action should see greater success.


Find a great piece of long form content and look at ways that you can improve it, lengthen it and add value to it and then do just that and add it to your own site. All you then need to do is contact the site owners who linked to the first authoritative piece of content and let them know of your even better piece of content and show them its whereabouts. A lot of bloggers who love their sites will want to link to the best resources, which means plenty of links back to your new, super-duper piece of writing.

Link Reclamation

There are so many sites out there with mentions but no link for the brand mention. Link reclamation is a great way to leverage these mentions and get the links you deserve. Buzzsumo and are two great tools for finding link mentions. If the person has mentioned you but not linked back to your site or brand then just send them an email asking for a link back to your site, so readers can navigate the web easier. You’d be amazed at how successful this tactic can be and the power of some of the sites you will receive links from.

By taking these four tips into account you should be able to improve your search engine optimisation and also your backlink profile.

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