4 Reasons Your Business Needs to Stay on Social Media



Believe it or not social media is here to stay.  A new platform may be created but the age of “what’s happening now” aka Social Media  is here to stay.  Maybe you like the traditional forms of marketing and find social media to be overwhelming and time consuming. You might even find that your business is just too busy and you have no time. Its time to change your way of thinking . Below are my four reasons to get on social media and stay there.



1. Reputation & Trust:      By simply creating a social media profile you will gain visibility and clients will be quick to connect with you. People love referrals!  While interacting with existing clients you are making new clients interested in your great business. You will be shocked by the testimonials and pictures clients will leave on your social media page without you having to  say a word.




2. Show off your Expertise:   Many people use social media as a new way to search/lookup information.  This gives you a chance to shine and build your client base. Instead of constant calls to the office you will give customers a chance to look at your social media feed and get a quick answer. In turn, you will free up your phone lines for other things.




3. Promote Events & Specials:   Regular mail is often not read or left for weeks by clients. If you have a new special or a great event you can tell your clients and tons of other people directly.  Clients will feel excited and special that you are connected with them through social media.  Guess what it will only take them a second to copy and paste important information to other friends!




4. Customer service:   Yes it is all about the customer. This is your chance to learn what they like or how you can fix a problem. Everyone receives bad reviews, but now you have a chance to let the good outweigh the bad.




Remember its important to  keep the traditional marketing efforts but its time to integrate the new marketing efforts as well. If you are  overwhelmed invest in a Social Media Manager. There are lots of blogs, videos and slide decks around to help you out. Be sure to find what works for you!




Kayla is the founder of IFP Inc which focuses on marketing & branding for new entrepreneurs. Bringing visions to light is Kayla’s speciality.  Coming soon is her new blog site I Feel Pretty Inc. which will focus on motivating women to redefine pretty and become the best YOU possible. Contact and follow Kayla on twitter https://twitter.com/ifeelprettyinc .

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