Four Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Interested in Becoming a Nurse

As the economy continues to change and jobs are becoming more difficult to come by, there are people who wonder what type of career they should be involved in. If you are thinking about what your career (or next career) should be, then you have a couple things to consider before any career choice or change. However, as long as you want some sort of stability and certainty that you will be needed in the future, then you should be considering a career as a nurse.

High Demand Moving Forward

While certain sectors like manufacturing are clinging to hope and hanging on for their industrial lives, the truth is there has never been a better time to be in the healthcare field. Not only are people seeing explosions in healthcare development thanks to the Internet and other new technologies, but ever-increasing research and funding in the health community is soaring. When you throw in the fact that the baby boomer generation is only going to keep easing into their golden years, then it’s easy to understand the amount of educated and experienced professionals that will be needed in this field. Most people want some level of security in their careers, and the medical field is only growing.

Can’t Automate Human Services

Something that must be considered in any career is whether it will be around for the long term and not for just a few booming years. As computers and technology are becoming more advanced and prominent all of the time, there are many sectors that could be replaced in the near future. When you start to think about the fields that are safe, however, they are the positions that involve thinking on your feet, working fast, having the ability to relate to customers and never having a definite answer. In short, nursing is right up the alley of jobs that can’t be automated, at least in the near future.

Field is Always Advancing with Education

Instead of being stuck in a position that has the same repetitive tasks day, after day, after boring day – you want to find yourself in a spot where you can continue to learn. A role that requires continuing education not only will allow you to protect yourself from others taking your role in the long run but it will also allow you to avoid being bored in your job. So much of job satisfaction comes from being able to learn more as you go. By having a solid foundation and receiving a degree from a reputable institution you can start your education. That’s why many young people are checking out top quality programs, and seriously considering the steps to becoming a nurse. Moving forward, you can continue to specialize in many different paths of all fields of medicine. The job may have the same elements involved in it for the long haul, but it will never become boring so long as you are within the field and there will always be more to learn.

Transferrable Knowledge

Another major point to know about the nursing field in general is the overall knowledge gained is transferrable to so many different sectors. Whether you choose to work directly within the hospital or other medical fields, or if you want to migrate into any other sector that happens to value medical input in any form, you’re still going to be employed. This could mean healthcare related roles such as fitness and physical rehab, or it could mean something entirely different. The fact of the matter is if you are looking for a role that can work anywhere, you have found your calling. This doesn’t just apply to the different sectors that are in the current economy but also to the different geographical locations as well. People all over the world need medicine and some level of healthcare. Regardless of where you hope to be employed or where you ultimately decide to work, the good news is that you will always have several options to weigh.

Any career is only a career if you are fully passionate about it and willing to put the effort into being the best you can be with it. Instead of just taking a role that pays you a bit of money for now but doesn’t give you the stability or the fulfillment that you truly want, you need to rethink what you are doing. By having both your short term and long term employment planned out then you are already off to a stable future. However, if you can also find a way to add flexibility and enjoyment to your role, you could be in for a long-term position that doesn’t even feel like you are working.


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